USAS-12 In The Eye Bunker...+ Wierd Graphics Glitch! ( Gameplay) - USAS-12 In The Eye Bunker…+ Wierd Graphics Glitch! ( Gameplay)

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  1. I like the glitched bullets, looks like sticks of black liquorice, not to mention the grenades

  2. how did you edit the first bit with the balck borders on imovie? Or did u use something else

  3. Good video we need to make one together since my pc fixed now. EZ high kill games incoming.

  4. Where do u get this music. Really matches the kills too

  5. love ur content, but mute ur videos every single time cause i fucking hate the mus

  6. I didn't come totorney cause I had a soccer match (I lost badly) the ball hit ma eye so I sat out for half the game

  7. Today i was LAUGHTING SO HARD BECUZ THERE WAS A GUY IN MOPE.IO TODAY NAMED DopeMope We were 1v1ing and i had 7m. Xp with 10 wins lol and he had 3m and he said plz kill you for vid i go HELL NO I KNOW YOU FAKR 😛

  8. ты молодец👏👌👍👍👍👍👍👍

  9. Dope are you sad about ixplode like duckio? Let's try to bring back the old ixplode

  10. I think you could've gotten the peacemaker and the othe other purple weapon aswell!

  11. Wow bro I like how u can't spell "weird" the title lmao but great vid

  12. um dopemope i think i am the best player in surviv

  13. it's not "pro scrims," i think the server was even posted in the main discord at some point

  14. The graphics issue was that you were able to see the hit boxes for some reason

  15. I think in the bunker what happened was that the super soldier who was encapsulated escaped into the other bunker while the scientist recorded the message from there the soldier got tired and destroyed the door he found the scientist killed him and ate it from there escaped and another scientist entered and heard the message and closed the door

  16. i killed you by granade when you opened vector chest

  17. for bandage press 7 for med kit press 8 for soda press 9 and for pills press 0

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