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  1. hi make krunker because u will be the first and can get more subs

  2. Zombs is less toxic and I remember the old map on that game

  3. Why all yotubers show his voice lol its popular but why?

  4. Surviv power im tryhard in surviv and krunker

  5. Hey, I've played with you many times already hahaha is fun: D
    ( I was Raportagen and HelpToGetWin 🙁 😂✌)
    And I was Iknowuhasyou xd

  6. I love how u pointed out how everything is great in all the games and why certain ones are better!

  7. Rly sad that this guy has a lot of subs but no real skill

  8. surviv io most realisty (i bad spk engl)

  9. Personal top list:
    1. Surviv
    2. Krunker
    3. Zombsroyal

  10. The fastest way to move in krunker is actualy by shotgun jump!

  11. Im so glad I found out about surviv io im basically addicted I have like over 2000 games.
    Oh and I love playin wit Ihasyou I played wit u like 6 or 7 times my name is Lil mebi

  12. I cant beleive yu would even mention zombsroyale its tradh

  13. I play krunker, surviv .its weird like every game i play every youtuber i like plays it xD

  14. And i played krunker with iHASYOU and rekt him 🙁

  15. I hate Zombs Royale cuz this

    – In zombs royale you can't scope unlike survive io there is scope so you can see what is happening

    -And the other guns in zombs royale are not really guns when you throw a grenade it explode unlike in survive io when you throw it it will explode in seconds

    -And one too there is no Helmet,Vest and Backpack in zombs royale you can only drink potions when you used bandage it's only in limits your health will be on 75

  16. OMG this guys good at surviv but is absolutely CRAP at Krunker XD

  17. why is krunker in this?? krunker isnt a battle royale game

  18. The reason i play zr instead of surviv is cuz im mobile and mobile surviv is LAGGGY

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