- Welcome to the New 50v50 Gamemode! ( Update) - – Welcome to the New 50v50 Gamemode! ( Update)

Corrupt X
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The 50v50 gamemode makes its appearance in, and within the gamemode, there’s a multiple amount of new weapons, buildings mechanics, and one random player on each team can play as the Team Leader of Red or Blue. There’s also a new Golden Airdrop, where many of the new weapons get dropped.

Get ready for Chaos.

Free Songs to use:
Ethan Meixsell – In the Shadows (Track 1)
Silent Partner – Cut It (Track 2)
Ethan Meixsell – Rise (Track 3)
Ethan Meixsell – Run (Track 4)
Ethan Meixsell – Dead Reckoning (Track 5)


  1. 𝐀𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐬𝐜𝐨 says:

    lol, Katana is now purple

  2. Hey corupt x try to break unbreakable door in bunker with katana with 50 players

  3. Hey cx, u should do a challenge to be last man standing on ur team and winning

  4. intervier: what was ur fav. part of the vidio
    me:the intro xD

  5. So you wore the mad man who stopped me from winning EVERY SINGLE F### MATCH ! ….You'll have to buy me a new keyboard….

  6. i played million times but cant get the leader -_-

  7. Can you get flares from ammo boxes in this mode?

  8. Обновление класс!

  9. Your voicing Lmao. I just feel like World War III or IV is happening. Also when I hear a airstrike, my heart skips a beat.

  10. Pls Youtuber Squad 😀 : Corrupt X, Duckio, Ihysyou,DopeMope ,,,, 50 vs 50

  11. or can love be found (10 seconds later…) GUNS BLAZING BOYS!

  12. the guile suit variant of 50v50 mode you can go sthealth mode being the other team don't know if are enemy or are in their team this until when are you the only of your team

  13. 2:41 you have famas
    *Hamas *
    I am from israel



  14. the super 90 is so far the bestt shotgun

  15. No Team mate ever helped me because im not like CorruptX,DopeMope,and others 🙁

  16. I didn't realize why i liked this so much, until I realized.

    No Teamers

  17. Have you made a clan or still not made???????

  18. this gamemode is not a team mode is just the superbowl event. why it does have an star? is the cowboys team logo -_-

  19. your better then any other surviv youtuber (:

  20. The leader will be chosen by the system at 28 seconds before the first circle come if that’s not enough players.Asia server always like this.

  21. Am telling you guys I promise this is not a brag or a lie this is fricking true I been playing 3days of 50 vs 50 and yet to be captain to 8:00Am – 9:00Pm not a joke

  22. It's so nice when he doesn't upload fortnite videos like other YTBERS

  23. I always help and my team always still in 40 and we wiiiin chicken dinner

  24. People are basically killing each other for airdrops

  25. what is better ak47 or famas? like fore famas reply for ak47

  26. Ahhh .. sorry I was going to comment on another sorry video

  27. I have 9 solo wins and only been playing for a month good or bad? Mostly 6-10 kill wins btw


  29. I feel like the 2 teams are the initiative because of the crates, and the other red side is the soviets

  30. I don’t like rock n roll I know I’m a kitten

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