Winning With New Cursed M9!! Halloween Disguise Gamemode Is Back! ( Event) - Winning With New Cursed M9!! Halloween Disguise Gamemode Is Back! ( Event)

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yay its midnight and I don’t want to write a description so just smile or something


  1. I am 12 years old but when i scared and want win i dont do that what you .

  2. 62 like 38 yorum ab8 kalp at senin hayraninim

  3. A good strategy(for me at least)
    Is just getting a shotgun(normal or double barrel),and some kind of meele weapon(mostly a axe)and just rush people.
    The Axe is great in this strategy because the enemys that use disguises that are bigger than ther normal body will panic if you are fight them with a shotgun and suddenly rush them with a axe
    This strategy got me 18 and 12 kills in solo squad
    (One of them i even got the perk that upgrades all of your bullets)

  4. There's an extremely rare perk based on a Japanese candy bar that makes all ammo types darker and deadlier. I got it once.

  5. I got a pkp from the bunker with blueberry taffey

  6. I had "Blue Berry Taffy" with M1 Garand & Mosin & Squad wiped to win the game.

  7. with the red jelly beans perk shot are too op in close range

  8. I picked up some interesting stuff when I played Halloween mode.
    I remember it was Tallow’s Journal and Memoirs of Kaiju Kanyi (at least that’s what I think it’s called)
    I just want someone or DopeMope to explain to me if those special items we pick up from the rare pumpkin airlifts can mean something for the lore of

  9. "Red jelly beans" is insanely OP with the Spas because it its basically a longer range pump with a higher fire rate

  10. Yes. Blue Taffy works with the PKP Pecheneg. I just won a game with it and it's INSANE!!!

  11. The best part of the video was the shot fired at omega

  12. I got a 14 kill win while doing solo-duos. That's my highest kill game. I'v gotten a few twelves, some elevens, and some tens before.

  13. I always listen to this song for gaming nice one 🙄

  14. Выпускай новые видео вышло новое обновление татошки

  15. I’ve gotten the buff for the PKP and the PKP it self twice in 3 days, and I also got the other lmg with 100 rounds and the buff for it once, I won all three times :3

  16. The 9millimeter buff is insane with the dual glocks but especially the vector, every time I got that buff with the vector I won easily, you can absolutely obliterated someone with one mag from mid range

  17. bunker code is egg, hydra, storm, shell,crossing, axe

    Note: i saw this on another comment and wanted to help share it

  18. Surviv is DOPE, but where is the MOPE?

  19. NOOOOOO DOPE MOPE!! i just killed you on solo Tuesday Nov 12 1:49 NPOOOOO im so sorry you tried to team ;((((

  20. How lucky it is to find 2 AWM-S?
    (3 in fact lol) cause i found 3.
    This was amazing. These guys DIE on one shot so that must be a little overkill

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