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  1. Justin and nick should come back the new owners are.ruining survive…

  2. I nearly thought surviv got an update but its just the same winter thing again

  3. 3 minutes ago, AAAAAAAA
    I can't play the game, it keeps saying "Failed joining game"

  4. bro i missed you a lot…….. remembering those old days where you get more than 150k views per video..

  5. Insane video as always👌🔥🔥 great job!!!!

  6. iHASYOU you should always finish killing knocked down people because if they threw a grenade and that kills them, you don't get the kill.
    example: 1:28, you let the person live and it didn't count as a kill.

  7. why does this remind me of last years videos with the epic save and loot pits

  8. It's good to see surviv getting new events. Sad that there's nothing new though, but still fun nevertheless!

  9. At 1:29 he puts french music when that is Romanian i would know cuz i am i put that when i die and win

  10. Amazing video thank you for the upload 🙂

  11. The beginning was something that brought us back to the older days.

  12. when was the first time that they added that mode i humillated people with snowballs lol

  13. cool video Ihasyou me im you fan from does 2 years 🙂 rather, I am your fan for 2 years

  14. My first game of the name of the snow mode I found an AMW-S and a 15 x

  15. You can tell some of this is old footage because of the old skins, filled lobbies, and little to no hackers lol

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