SURVIV.IO with 500ms PING! 😰 -

SURVIV.IO with 500ms PING! 😰

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Can I win with 500ms PING? Let’s see!



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0:00 What is ping?
0:29 100ms
0:57 250ms
1:24 350ms
1:55 500ms


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  1. I got it before when i tried to join Europe server but so laggy

  2. Imagine this game was already fixed from haxors, and game speed ping was <10ms

  3. GAMERIO : won with 500ms
    Me : lost with 25ms XD

  4. Still the best surviv player and YouTuber I remember!

  5. GAMERIO: Wins with 500 ping
    Me: lost with 25 ping 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. i only realised that i was running on 300+ ping after i quit the game lol

  7. Всегда так играю . Уже привык

  8. is it just me or does the sv98 seem less rare than it used to be?

    I woke up an hour ago and got three of them since then. One was in a SILVER locker!

  9. I want to go back to the time when had almost 80 players like before, it was so nostalgic.😥

  10. GAMERIO visit Asia server
    hacker every where

  11. Lol NA have 80 player play when you playing in morning in VIETNAM 😀

  12. I am an SA player and it would have been a pleasure to fight with you in that server 🙂

  13. Yay!!! I started play in NA servers a long time ago – u can easily make highkill games there. Delay isnt so horrible, can be used.

  14. we really admire your reflexes, a keyboard warrior with a chane worth 1 million subscribers, what a genius (viet nam)

  15. I watch your videos a lot, and I have not seen any Vietnamese who can beat you and I invited Vietnam team we have subscribed to you to hope you make more and better videos. and further peak in my career (viet nam)

  16. How can I remove the delay from surviv, I am a pro but I already want to stop having delay, can someone explain it to me please

  17. Me ~ It is so hard to aim with 500ms ping 😣
    GAMERIO ~ It don't have any difficulty with this 🔥

  18. Oh, so u dont live in Asia… Anyway, why u killed my Vietnamese friend? He shows u the flag!

  19. As a pro who plays on 500ms all the time I feel your pain.

  20. Next challenge is to play with 1000 ms Ping 😀

  21. Lol i live in south korea but the pings…

  22. i challenge u win with only 1 m9gun with 500ping and no adreanalin item 😀 if u can do my chanllenge ur the best survivi players i ever know(pls answer me ;-;)

  23. Play during the daytime in north america. Avg are usually over 1k players

  24. North America : All Americans

    Asia : All Vietnamese people

    South America : All Americans too

  25. i play in asia for high kill games and south korea for 50v50 promotion both are 25ms but europe is250ms and SA and NA to me is 500ms

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