Survivio Season 8 Teaser -

Survivio Season 8 Teaser

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Surviv’s first official tournament is coming! Winners get exclusive animated skins! Only 100 seats left – join us on Discord for signup info:


  1. I think throwing knives would be a cool addition to this game

  2. this game sucks, i hit two consecutive shots from a mosin and the guys still alive

  3. Bence oyuna oyun karakterlerinin kostümleri gelmesi hoş olur aım from turkey

  4. por que surviv. nosepuede jugar ? 🙁

  5. why i can't play surviv io because it crashed or something i can't play 🙁

  6. failed joining game problem😱😱😤👿😈😠😡

  7. Hey fix You Game we cant play on 50v50 or Go team plsss Fix now

  8. hello, i would just like to say for the past 5 months it has been saying 'failed joining game' why does it say that? i just wanna play the game but i couldnt because of this, please help thank you


  9. You Is Best Game thanks for 1000 GP👍👍👍

  10. 이 남자는 무료로 해줍니다 says:

    Can u make a flashbang on surviv?

  11. Being the kind player, opening special crates for other players, opening crates and doors for them, etc. doesn’t really help you win by the way, that’s how pros play the game seriously.

  12. Pls bring back Halloween mode people will quit if Kong doesn’t 😭😭

  13. ughhhhh…. guys?
    i cant play the game.
    it says browser denied for notifications and i cant play game.
    im sad

  14. Kong you are the worst developper, you want destroy surviv. Surviv is so bad with you Kong

  15. I like how you take some boxes as OUR BOXES

  16. Hi. I want to ask why I recently created a 4-person room with an error that I can't invite a friend to play with me. When friends click on the link, they will be thrown out

  17. is what you can ask the developer to put the MECHA and DIAMONDY skin that was on the promotional sheet of the PASS 3 please please

  18. I would like the lustous paladin skin. Can you sell it to me?

  19. Coming back to this game, I still hate it. Each season = a longer wait time for new season, people say quantity over quality. But now its no quantity and quality (or at least it feels that way) WAY TO GO KONG, you cheap! Have fun wasting your money buying this dead game.

    (Just some constructive feedback😊. Can't wait for you to buy another super awesome amazing game!)

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