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Let’s check out everything new in the 1.9.0 January update including new S-grade destroyer gear and new chapters! APK:

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  1. Void pack? S tier pack? Or wait for the next pack to come out?

  2. That apk is for the last update I'm not sure if this update is possible early

  3. Do you have tips on how to beat the mega challenge specially number 2 ?

  4. can you do a video on how to beat the nightmare levels with excellent gear

  5. Someone can tell me, if I reinstall game from my Android phone, my progress will be saved on Google games account or it will be removed and must starting all over?

  6. I wish they will add some sort of merge boost fo s-grade equipment

  7. I got the voidwalker emblem which is the worst out of all if you ask me..

  8. the way they're evolving s-grade equipment they should put something like a full set ability, that activates if you have all gear and weapon

  9. Nooo just now i merged all the items in red and tf

  10. I wish they will add some sort of merge boost fo s-grade equipment😫

  11. Finally Finished Level 50, so far my journey has been F2P. So, the answer is yes you can play this game without spending money.

  12. I like how they release big updates when i get bored

  13. Hello, I am fairly new to survivor io. And I was wondering about the survivor’s availability. Once season one is up will I ever get another chance to get survivor tsukiomi. Or is this the only time to get her?

  14. Still waiting for the set bonus buff when we equip a full set equipment with the same kind just like the army set and the leather set

  15. Another S Grade Set? With the same chance to get?
    I really don't know how to put this to yellow too. Only millionaires could…
    Sorry but I spent already 50€ in this game. This is enough! It is no AAA PS5 Hit… Just a mobile game! Good bye.

  16. Oh man look at all this gear that f2p players won’t be able to get 🙂

  17. I’ve only been playing slightly over 3 months and I’m ultra excited for this update. One more void gun and one more eternal necklace will give me all L1 S grade gear. So knowing a destroyer/void combo is coming…. 😮🎉

  18. They need to start making the game more viable for f2p players, I have a legendary light chaser that took over 400k gems to get

  19. Awe wish I waited a tad bit longer to spend money…or found the game sooner, I really shouldn’t be spending more than $100 on a single app 😅

  20. how is his maximum energy 50? is that something new comming

  21. I just want s grade crates to be cheaper like come one 300 gem 250 would be better

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