BEGINNER Guide with ADVANCED Tips and Tricks!! - BEGINNER Guide with ADVANCED Tips and Tricks!!

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Bringing you another 5 finger game called Survivor!.io. Stay alive killing mobs and beat the clock to beat the chapter. Grab power ups and evolve them into their ultimate abilities. This is a new game by Habby maker of Archero. Let me know in the comments of your thoughts on this new mobile game.
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  1. Do a beginners guid on a free account.(no spendings)

  2. Is there anyway that i can remove or sell items so they arent in my inventory? Because i dont see anything that can

  3. It better Buy a purple weapon with leaves of event or 40 purple keys?

  4. “Monsters killed drop equipment” lv11. Do the rates raise if ur at a higher chapter

  5. You covered what to be careful of when merging equipment (the whole +1 concept) Can you cover what the best strategy is when merging?

  6. Thanks for your informative videos! I'm curious about the boxes on the battlefield. Is there anything known about their spawn locations? It doesn't seem random. Any other information or tips you can share about them is appreciated!

  7. A simple tip I use is to keep a bomb or two close by for the boss fights. Makes things much easier. 😁

  8. To get S grade I need to open 50 times in that event time?

  9. The ads got to me now I play this game :/ help

  10. I can't unlock second level for the life of me

  11. What do I do when the game crashes n I can’t get back in ?

  12. I barely get any level started before I’m able to just sit there at some point haha and tank the whole level

  13. HOLY CRAP.. I always wondered what Evo meant 🤣

  14. Could you explain the -%20 CD is? Exactly what time over duration also. Thank you.

  15. There's some power ups that will reduce "CD". What does CD stand for?

  16. Man I love this game lol passes time and it’s fun 😂 getting the final power ups are super cool to see each and every time haha

  17. What does upgrading the magnet actually do in combat, initially I thought it would drop one but it doesn’t. Does it multiply the amount of gems you pick up when you get a magnet in battle or just the range of that magnet?

  18. I must admit how relieving it is to know that I'm not the only one picking my butt these days.

  19. I've got this game three days ago and it helped, thank you !

  20. when it says first passive gains 30% as an bonus on my necklace does that mean any picked skill like rocket or just the right side skills like gold increase etc

  21. Does anyone know the item that brings that grants u one revival after dying if so what is the name 😅

  22. Is an epic bat or an excellent+2 LC better for chapter 12-15?

  23. About how long does it take to get 2680 gems? Like 2 dats or a month?

  24. so confused by this game. i’m
    definitely getting old

  25. New to the game, thanks for the content! I only have one question, why is your channel named I pick my butt?

  26. when i’m doing really good and haven’t lost any health and i seen that ham thing that gives me health i stand not too far from it so when it comes time for the boss fight it’s right there in case i get low in hp and the same goes for the bomb if i don’t need it at the moment i’ll stay close to it and save it for the boss it does pretty good damage sometimes you’ll get lucky and have 2 bombs or a bomb and food. this game actually isn’t bad for how many ads i see it in 😂

  27. Hi!! Could please tell me what the purpose of the backpack is? I have x6 resurrection coins and x100 essence of energy (I play the game in Spanish I don't know if that's their name on English)..What do I do with those? Thanks 🙏🏻

  28. Vampire survivors rip off total trash would not recommend this game

  29. I keep the first coin box there and use it as reference point for health.

  30. How do I get that blue or purple forcefield starting ability?

  31. I had no idea that you needed a specific passive buff to evolve a weapon skill.

    I just did whatever and the stuff I needed would usually be there.

  32. New to the game. Didn't quite understand the last bit about being cautious when merging. If you need them to go higher, why not merge them?

  33. زينب عبداللطيف عبدالامير says:

    What Best weapon to choose in main menu

  34. I really recommend people to save jems it ain't hard this is litterly only my third day playing and I've already bought 2 of the 10x chests

  35. That durian is useful for new player because it deals massive damage ang can clear a path for you if you playing in higher level maps

  36. What’s AOE or CD? Too many acronyms in this game lol.

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