BEGINNER Guide with ADVANCED Tips and Tricks!! - BEGINNER Guide with ADVANCED Tips and Tricks!!

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Bringing you another 5 finger game called Survivor!.io. Stay alive killing mobs and beat the clock to beat the chapter. Grab power ups and evolve them into their ultimate abilities. This is a new game by Habby maker of Archero. Let me know in the comments of your thoughts on this new mobile game.
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  1. Tried writing this on the tier list video, but I’ll try again now;

    When you make a tier list, you need to know what you’re talking about. You said that you don’t know how to use revolver, but still ranked it on the list. This is not okay.

    Here is my take.

    SSS Lightchaser (before the patch, B-)

    Lightchaser was heavily buffed in the recent patch. It now has a much higher attack rate, higher damage, and it shoots more projectiles. The weapon also gets attack by upgrading it now, while before the patch, it would only get more projectiles. And the addition of laser and durian means you don’t need drones to make it good. If you get the right supplies, the weapon is buffed even further, and can make this weapon more important than any of the others combined.
    Over-time reduction-it makes you attack a lot more
    Cooldown reduction-it makes you attack more
    Projectile speed-it makes the projectiles less slugish
    Range-it makes all the projectiles bigger, and gives it more CC.

    S Revolver (would be SS if they added a joystick for aiming)

    The revolver has the best boss killing power in the game. People love to talk about the kunai when it comes to bosses. But always fail to talk about revolver that can 3 shot the late game bosses. The kunai. The main issue with it is the fact you have to move when aiming. This could all be fixed by adding a joystick for revolver and shotgun. However, the main way to use it effectively is to just turn when the shot is ready. It takes a while, but once you get the hang of it, you never really miss. Btw, when you get the evo, if both shots hit an enemy, you get 2 bullets back for both pistols

    A+ Kunai

    Kunai is easy mode. You don’t aim, you don’t try, you just let the game do the work for you. The reason I ranked it lower than revolver is the fact that it doesn’t do anything better. Kunai is viewed as the boss killer. But revolver beats kunai at bosses. Kunai doesn’t do any better against mobs either. It just requires less thinking.


    I haven’t used the bat enough to be able to rank it. All I can really say is that the legendary version seems really good. Unlimited range is really good.

    B-Shotgun (SS if they added a joystick for aiming)

    So the shotgun really dissapointed me. I was hoping it would be a lot better. With the revolver, you shoot somewhat often, and damage is lethal. This is not the case for the shotgun. You shoot very little. The upgrade basically makes it a better kunai, with a lack of auto aim. The game needs to fix it.

    F- Katana

    The Katana is complete trash.

  2. Really helpful video, I just wanted to say you forgot to talk about how opening the lucky crate will automatically evolve your weapon if you have it level 5 and the EVO thing.

  3. Hi if you get a chance to make a shotgun to the red ascension/merge can you test if the pierce will apply to the evolve version the Gatling Ty will be waiting for it:)

  4. This might be a dumb question but how do I get the “top up in any event” rewards?

  5. The owners are sooooo shitty persons if you look in the Discord, i and togets that have spend money and put it in their pocked and they treat ppl like shit

  6. how you finish chapter 12? the 2nd boss there is insanely OP the poison damage and fast geezz

    but my method of skills to finish every run
    green ring
    soccer ball

    most of the time its effective especially i dont have full set of violet items at only
    1.1k attack and 3k HP but dang the damage of Mobs is insanely OP its like the armor stats and High HP is usless for higher Chapter

  7. Metal neckguard gives first passive effect +30%. Does anyone know what this means?

  8. I lost all my progress on the game and i am back on chapter 1 but still have all stuff how?

  9. Entonces en las tiradas es una en una o como? No le se al ingles

  10. What do you do with old/bad equipment you aren't gonna use

  11. Could you please upload your PvP videos if you are playing so that we can watch them and have some fun?

  12. What are those colored locks on gear pages and how to unlock those? Thanks.

  13. I got 70k Gems… Any suggestions should i draw or wait for Next S Chest?

  14. I love when there are, like, a billion enemies around me, but I'm fully powered up and just sitting there chilling, slashing all of them in a nice protective circle.

  15. Could you maby tell me why when i open the shop my game lags and i cant buy stuff in shop

  16. Simple just add your credit card and you are good to go other then that grind every say for 1 month to move on to next stage after stage 12

  17. Just for anyone that doesn’t know. The shotgun sucks fat booty.

  18. seriously… what's the story of your username 💀

  19. How do you unlock you gears sub benefits

  20. Thanks now I know how to get all the evolutions in game 🎉

  21. Just started playing this game. Thank you for the tips!!!

  22. I cant take these pay to win games anymore.

  23. After finishing chapter 4, suddenly the enemies become so difficult. I couldnt even clear chapter 3. Before I can clear 3 easily while watching TV. Now no matter what i do, i got wiped out after 5 mins mark in chap 3. Do enemies power up when you open up new chapter? Coz this didnt happen before i cleared chap 4

  24. Which One are better in their red tier form for aoe dmg? Molotov,force field or Boomerang.

  25. Is it true that evo-Ffield will also slow down target?

  26. I need that update out so bad. That one skill can make me pass chapter 4 easily

  27. My boyfriend I just started playing and I’m super confused on what the icons on the weapons mean, like the little red shirt on the baseball bat and etc. can you please explain it?

  28. Hi, dumb question but how do you advance from one chapter to the other?

  29. is there anyway to bypass the energy system

  30. @iPICKmyBUTT you mentioned something about merging the wrong gear and we must becareful of what we merge, doesn't downgrading fixes that issue ??

  31. How to delete an account and start a new one?

  32. How come the passive on items are lock how do I unlock them

  33. Do a beginners guid on a free account.(no spendings)

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