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Bringing you another 5 finger game called Survivor!.io. Stay alive defeating mobs and beat the clock to beat the chapter. Grab power ups and evolve them into their ultimate abilities. This is a new game by Habby maker of Archero. Let me know in the comments of your thoughts on this new mobile game.
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  1. Since I'm F2P all the way, Catnip will do. Homing Drones, Evil Drill Shot, and Lightning will be the Boss targeting skills. Katana, Medi Drone, Max HP and Armor will be for tank and sustain.

  2. Is lighchaser worth to exchange? I have 2000 santa hats but i like my kunai🤣

  3. I had all at 5 stars and it gave me normal destroyer

  4. Best use for red bat with dual circular attacks great for defense plus the defender dunno if any enemies will reach you there power up with HE fuel and Aspd this combo is rocks.. 🙂

  5. Nah $20 for just a battle pass and No monthly card is a lot

  6. I think Catnips and Tsuki could both be better. One locks you into the drones, which are great with the tech part, but can be a pain to evo with the skills RNG. Tsuki avoids that and seems the obvious choice for playing with Light Bringer. But she’s also $20 and the pass doesn’t seem all that great to me.

  7. I loved that cat .the healing drone is so good with the other drones and the death spinner. No need for health item and energy drink item.💖🥰
    When you make all drones 5 stars they will combine as one divine drone which will give you extra space to add more skills .thx for the game combine ❤💖

  8. I wanted to know if the Survivors have the same upgrade stats. Like at level 10 do they all have the same stats of attack and health. Also are their upgrade rates unequal. Thank you

  9. They're trying to beat Diablo Immortal with the price of that pass

  10. Is there any other way to get the cat or will I have to wait until next christmas??

  11. for people saying $20 is alot… i used to buy playstation and nintendo games for way more! now that I only play free PC games and phone games I feel like I'm spending way less than I when I was a kid, so $20 for a hot lady with moonslash is definitely worth it!

  12. Did u switch your weapon off ? How did you do that ? Or am I just crazy lol

  13. Which chapter do you unlock changing your hero, daily challenges, and pretty much everything else advanced?

  14. Can anyone tell me where I can get an epic hero? Since at this point in the event pass, I only have a &$ frame….

  15. this didn’t really help me i wanna know HOW to get new avatar and heros like do i have to be a certain level? right now i want the manager avatar but it says “beat the mega challenge city” but like WTF is that?

  16. man i wish i could afford that hero 🙁 she looks so good

  17. Can you test if the drone and slash work with passive skills (He-fuel, energy cube and exo brace) thanks!

  18. can you talk about the lottery please?
    because when you spent 16 tickets it appears that you have to "reset" it, it's necessary to do that?

  19. My tsukuyomi is so op now cuz i spent a lot of essence on her

  20. I don't own any yet, but I would get Tsukuyomi holding Void for melee and range combo.
    Meow Meow looks cute, but I don't see why we need healing when you can reserve chicken thighs around the map, or just level up.

    The healing robot is kinda waste. IMO.

  21. THANK YOU FOR THIS!!! Real helpful! 😀 Concise and beautiful..

  22. They're trying to beat Diablo Immortal with the price of that pass 😂😂

  23. Those new Hero arent acheviable F2P, imo
    Ill try catnip with leg Katana and be imortal

  24. I have a question about the modular mine . Are the only things you can attach to it are the lightning and Molotov or is that it ?

  25. I literally got an s grade glove from the lottery, too bad I can’t make it an epic >:(

  26. I seriously cannot believe how strong that chick hero is. You can literally have a legend bat basically with any other weapon. The kunai doesn’t have a weakness anymore

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