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Bringing you another 5 finger game called Survivor!.io. Stay alive killing mobs and beat the clock to beat the chapter. Grab power ups and evolve them into their ultimate abilities. This is a new game by Habby maker of Archero. Let me know in the comments of your thoughts on this new mobile game.
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  1. What chapter should I grind for gear? I just beat chap 11 today easy

  2. Also the 10x on the chest saves you a bit of gems, 1 EDF chest is 300 gems, To buy 10x of them, it should be 3000 gems but it costs 2860 gems

  3. At chp. 24 now. Getting harder and harder haha.

  4. I need help on getting an epic, I have all purple but even with merging and grinding I still can’t reach epic. It almost seems impossible

  5. here's my tips :

    1.Do not take the boss/elite chest until you have an item that can be evolved.
    2.Always position yourself near bomb/magnet, if you are surrounded you can take the bomb.
    3.Use kunai, it literally has auto aim you dont have to aim your weapon like when ure using your shotgun.
    4.The spinning blade/guardian, its useful for knocking back enemies when youre surrounded.
    5.Use molotov if there's a lot of poison enemy like the moth/butterfly monster.
    6.Always have 2 weapon/skill that have the same passive (eg.Rocket and Durian), so you can take the ATK +10% passive or HP +10%.
    7.Play the daily challenge twice.
    8.Always pick weapon/skill first over passives.
    9.Watch the ads, its worth it.
    10.Colse and reopen the game if youre forced to pick skill/passive that cant be evolved together.
    11.Use 30 of your energy and 1 ads for patrol, watch ads 3x for 15 energy, play the daily challenge once and main chapter once for effective farming.
    12.Never use the revive gem twice or more.
    13.Farm on chapter that only last 8 minutes.

  6. u can also use katana weapon i only use katana and kunai these are the best

  7. sadly this game is quite lousy they dont have event every week or month these developers are quite dull as hell

  8. I'm stuck on level 16 which levels would be good to farm? Tia

  9. so what is the best chapter to farm gear? i am currently in chapter 10

  10. Don't go for the limited time event chests if you're free to play. It's a bait.

  11. The easy trials with 2 bosses each boss fight are a great way to grind, especially on the faster arena levels

  12. I wish it had multiplayer it’s such a fun game

  13. I have only lost one chapter and it was chapter 14 every one before that I completed in one try. This game is by far my favorite and it’s cause it’s easy but you need strategy and quick thinking but yea idk how some people get stuck ? And no I don’t spend money on the game lmao it’s great without spending real money

  14. Are there any other weapons besides the kunai and shotgun? I'm lvl 10 and haven't had any weapon drops in a while.

  15. Major tip : to get stuff in the game, play the game 👍🏼
    You have amazing tips, you're so smart an insightful

  16. Let’s get this channel to 100k. You deserve an iPICKmyBUTT silver play button

  17. I say just farm chapter 15 over and Over if you pasted it. It summons a lot

  18. what about when all my gear is red and level 90, and i have 65.3M spare gold but not enough scrolls to level up? stuck at player level 75 chapter 52

  19. Lol I just started and got S tier boots from the gold ticket lottery

  20. Love your vids! Thanks for the help dude I hope you get 100k subs!❤

  21. Also the 10x on the chest saves you a bit of gems, 1 EDF chest is 300 gems, To buy 10x of them, it should be 3000 gems but it costs 2860 gems

  22. so the best way to farm for gear is just to play the game? GOT IT!

  23. I just started a week ago I’m chapter 5 what should I do to grind like what chapter or should I just get beating the chapter.

  24. Hate to say it but these aren't tips these are normal things you do. So yeah this doesn't help me get gear

  25. I go with the forcefield and guardian combo alongside moltov. Everything full upgraded, with the magnet as a cherry on the top. U can technically afk the shit after that

  26. You should play Guns up mobile! And you should join my alliance! Der Black Kaiser!

  27. stuck on chapter 15 useing kunai any advice

  28. Valentine’s Day is lit. I got the void gun by stacking roses. Fastest way is to do stage 4 trials, (I have monsters die and cause explosion gear), using my kuni am able to run through getting the 100k kills for best progress on roses. After 1million kills it gives you 150 for 1mill, 1.1mill and 1.2mill. Stops at 1.2. Whist doing that, run quick patrols as many times as poss. Do all little things, if you’re reading this now and haven’t started. It is still possible to get the void gun with these steps

  29. What is the t-shirt? Top right corner on equipment

  30. What is the the best chapter to farm with seeker I am at chapter 7

  31. can you summarize? translating to portuguese 😌😌

  32. I can't beat chap 8 yet so I farm level 3 and 6.

  33. Exactly what I been doing myself. Good advice here. Looking myself for a chapter that does good. I know 4 is good for gold Farming if you use Kunai and speed with magnet once magnet is maxed you can kinda just run in a straight line and collect

  34. Nice I needed this, also your discord server is a massive help nice job 👍

  35. Can u get epic or excellent from monster drops?

  36. So which levels are best for farming with seeker?

  37. 2 days in and the bridge is kicking my ass.

  38. I mean p2w is a thing but I don't go to those lengths

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