Chapter 57 - This Feels So REWARDING to BEAT!! - Chapter 57 – This Feels So REWARDING to BEAT!!

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Bringing you another 5 finger game called Survivor!.io. Stay alive defeating mobs and beat the clock to beat the chapter. Grab power ups and evolve them into their ultimate abilities. This is a new game by Habby maker of Archero. Let me know in the comments of your thoughts on this new mobile game.
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  1. Just wait until you have to do trials 😂

  2. Hello, first of all I am your big fan and I watch your every single video.
    1) Which countries are the best to make predict on them in your opinion?
    2) red bat or LC?

  3. Do you have any suggestions for the mega challenges. I’ve been struggling so hard while trying to beat them

  4. The void power epic+3 can helpful at this chapter?

  5. I don’t know anything about soccer so I’ve been betting on all the google predictions and yeah I’ve lost most bets… I have about 5000 unspent coins. Who knew soccer was so lame. The amount of time I have lost a bet to a tie of 0 to 0. What kind if competitive sport allows a draw especially when it happens so often. Double lame

  6. My Attack point is 8k3 and I am stuck in this chapter 🙂 I cannot pass minute 12

  7. NICE!

    Love the new legendary effect on the LC

  8. You can use the katana excellent or higher, for stages that are 2 ways , like that, it melts, especially if u get evo for it, just straighten it and line it up and u would cut through like butter

  9. How do you unlock mega chellanges

  10. I am onto chapter 60 today i find the last 5 levels all very similar. Struggle hard for a while then the blue dragons come and if you arent ready for them you are going down. I have the extra revive and all legendary +1 gear over 20k atk and 80k hp and i still can lose.

  11. how are you guys so far im only on 14 and i’m stuck

  12. Hey bro, I don't know what to spend my word cup points on, I was going to get a purple weapon box

  13. Im a huge soccer fan so I love this event, I watch all the games either way so its pretty exciting to have both of my hobies intertwined and it makes it even more enjoyable having something on the line while watching the games, but I could understand why other people wouldn't be into it, like for example if this event was about a golf tournament I would not have any type of interest in the event

  14. My defender doesn’t seem to knock back the blue dragons. I’m using the tech part as well. Is there a passive item that helps with the push back?

  15. This chapter is hardest I've got so far, 😂😂😂 lost over 20 times with red kunai or yellow void power. Yellow power has a kind of protection but not sure why sometimes it's not working

  16. This chapter is hardest I've got so far, 😂😂😂 lost over 20 times with red kunai or yellow void power. Yellow power has a kind of protection but not sure why sometimes it's not working

  17. ميف بي ان احصل على الطائره الالهيه الصفراء انا عندي لونها احمر ؟

  18. U have 16k dmg I have only 8k to fight on this chapter lol

  19. Why your damage starting is 80k and sometimes will get 131k damaged?

  20. I found that taking the magnet after you get hit a few times by the boss heals you while drones still do a bit of damage while you select new skills. Good win anyway. I guess without red LC it's no point of trying.

  21. Omg I’m stuck on this level. Funny thing is the fire trail coming off the boots kills the blue dragons faster than any weapon in the game. It kills elites also if u tight circle them

  22. I' m 10k atk and you know what happened?

    I beated last boss but before he got dead he shoot me and i died after defeating it 💀💀💀💀💀

  23. Thanks to yr guide again, so I can did it in 1 tried. It was a very close call, I will die with another Chairman hit, phew~~

  24. I BEAT IT!!! It took an absurd amount of time, but I finally beat it after switching to my void power gun. and maxing Fuel and vest.

  25. I mean its easy when you have a red LC and red eternal chest piece giving you 3 total lives. Lol

  26. No wonder im struggling, im f2p and I've made it to 10.3k attack lvl 57. Makes sense now, I've hit the pay wall, or need boosts from events. I suppose the skill is gone, either wait for more stuff, or back out.

  27. This level feels impossible. Thank you for showing me that it is in fact possible. Someday I will beat it too.

  28. This chapter has me almost deleting the game 😢

  29. would’ve been nice to see damage numbers…

  30. The trick for LAST BOSS.
    3. Make sure you got 5☆HE.Fuel and Rocket skill

  31. Yaaa Iam stuck in here for more than a month 😢

  32. Been stuck on this lvl for the LONGEST time

  33. chairman is the most annoyying boss tho.

  34. Hi… How to get the circle storm slash effect like yours? (Sorry for my bad English)

  35. What would be best to use for this stage then?

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