Chapter 63 - They are Calling This The HARDEST CHAPTER!!! - Chapter 63 – They are Calling This The HARDEST CHAPTER!!!

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Bringing you another 5 finger game called Survivor!.io. Stay alive defeating mobs and beat the clock to beat the chapter. Grab power ups and evolve them into their ultimate abilities. This is a new game by Habby maker of Archero. Let me know in the comments of your thoughts on this new mobile game.
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  1. Hey pick sorry I haven't been watching your vids and commenting a lot things haven't been the best with school

  2. Void power was the way I cleared mine, pretty chill just standing in the blue shields

  3. Hello may i know how did u make ur own atrack transparent?


  5. This one was hell for me with 15k atk. Wish i had more than one VP. Still managed to clear it in the end.

  6. There are a thousand “hardest chapters” at this point

  7. yup, i also think this chap63 is the hardest sofar, but i really dont understand, why they dont give more essences, more designs, more items after finishing chap63, sometimes only 1-2 items, kidding? for lvl52 more effecient.

    sofar too many players reached the lvl-cap90, and more exp makes no sense now, and gold also no sense, i have almost 100m gold, i dont really konw how to use them all up. if they dont upgrade the content, i think the best way is just FARMing chap52s

  8. you could use 2 other heroes and see how effective they are on chapter 63

  9. 😂 that's crazy you got my whole setup

  10. I almost did it first try with epic lightchaser

  11. I have red S gloves and 28k attack, so slightly higher than your stats. I’ve been using the bear wave as a benchmark for testing builds. I’ve found the easiest was epic +3 void power + Molotov + soccer. It was also doable with legend LC + Molotov + guardian (with the tech parts). If you can kill the bears in one black hole without them getting throw back out at you, the standing against the wall and getting protections from the gloom nova shields worked well.

  12. This map with the soccer balls is Key. just make sure it’s quantum balls before bears. Luck of the trade tbh. This map took me atleast 10 tries

  13. My equipments are all yellow. And it's Impossible.

  14. No idea what I did different before or after, but after watching the vid I cleared it in a single try. Thanks?

  15. I finished the level today with the girl. I have 1506 ak and everything except the neck is epic +3. So it's doable in the low range 🙂

  16. Dude I cannot beat this level lol. The bears like teleporting into me makes kunai pointless. Idk how ill ever beat this unless I get up like 10 more times

  17. Easiest chapter, just use Void Power. Sure it’s hard with the LC!

  18. I have 50 k attack and 250 k hp and I still can't do it

    Edit: thank u I managed to do it recently and now I'm on chapter 90 with 70 k attack and 300 k hp and I'm lvl 100 now thank to u 🙃

  19. The best weapon for this chapter is void power

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