Survivor io Chapter68 -THE HARDEST BOSS i've Encountered!!! -

Survivor io Chapter68 -THE HARDEST BOSS i’ve Encountered!!!

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Bringing you another 5 finger game called Survivor!.io. Stay alive killing mobs and beat the clock to beat the chapter. Grab power ups and evolve them into their ultimate abilities. This is a new game by Habby maker of Archero. Let me know in the comments of your thoughts on this new mobile game.

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  1. Im not even close to that chapter at all, me only being chapter 36. But that boss looks super tough! Its going to be a pain when i encounter him!

  2. why didnt you take the Excellent scroll from Void Belt and put it on the Eternal belt to make it lvl70

  3. I would put the main gameplay in the middle with maybe a blurred backsplash instead of black. But otherwise looked really good!

  4. That boss is sooo annoying🤦🏾😤

  5. Audio has always been really good. I’d just say lower the music volume a bit

  6. if you're using kunai, i highly suggest to use soccer balls to kill close range/high hp enemies(especially elites) that usually could pass through the guardian. Hope that works!

  7. hi. at your previuos video ( i think) you died twice and just at the third time you needed to see ad or pay this heart. how? i can die just 1 time

  8. Audio is kinda low even if i set the volume high. Either speak up or better mic

  9. Ah crap i might have screwed my self here. Decided to upgrade my void power to red+1 with the kunai…. Was going to attempt this level tomorrow.

  10. Here’s my thoughts on the editing. The music was kinda loud and your voice was more background instead of the opposite. Like I had to really focus on listening to your voice to hear all the words. Great video tho!!

  11. Sound is a little muffled and music a little too high but otherwise thanks for the content!

  12. GZ on completing C68! When it comes to the weapon I'd use yellow void gun over red LC or kunai (have both of them red btw). Equipment wise I run all red eternal + red light runners. 24,8K ATT 94K DEF so a bit weaker than you. Have no problems finishing all chapters, and even 1st stage of trials (including c70 trials). The strat is to focus on void gun only, so dmg increase, projective speed and size increase, CD reduction. I usually run drones just to speed up boss fights a bit but 98% of runs is just AFK in black holes. Dont need to worry about purple pools, enemy projectiles or mobs rushing. You prefer enemy to be fast so that way you stack black hole on top of another and so on, so you dont have to move. Please try it out and let me know if this is better than everything else you might have tried in the past 😀

  13. Lol wait for 70 bro ive got to the boss twice and failed lol

  14. You can play along the wall to dodge the bullets, cleared this with 18k attack using lc first try used soccer, defender, drones, drill, molotov. I did get mostly 3s and some 1s so I had good rng.

  15. Good content like allways. But the sound is just terrible tbh.

  16. 😄 I'm going to like that boss. That's for sure😂🤣
    It really looks like, that there's a difference if you move or not/if you are close to a certain bosses or not.(one of both or both together)It seems to affect their choice of the skills with which they try to oops you up. I observed this today. It could be random as well. I will test this further.

  17. Yes, it is true but he was not jumped 100% like in your case. But 100% easier than use LC

  18. The rng on this chapter is the worst I’ve experienced

  19. I’m stuck on this level now, the rage fire tyrant can be killed with the kunai but my issue is not dying along the way. The only way I can get there is void power but he takes me out with multiple bullets every time

  20. Level is pure luck. No skill involved. Either you are overpowered for the level or you need to rely on pure luck

  21. I have +3epic kunai with 21k ATK/80k HP and feel somewhat underpowered for this chapter. Is it still possible to beat? I see you have 30k ATK/110k HP. Also not sure whether to use my +1 e gloves or +3 fingerless for elite. Please halp

  22. this is stupid tbh so bugged the bullets are fast STUPID DEVELOPERS i was stuck in this level for god sake

  23. Beat this hell with 23k atk, 78k hp, no legendary equipment/tech parts. Everything eternal, except for VP and stylish belt.

    Wasn't particularly lucky with boss attacks or chests.

    To beat the last boss you need as much damage and HP as possible, so you should only take skills which boost these 2 parameters (except for he-fuel and sport shoes, about them later)

    Here are some tips for ones with low attack/hp (like me):

    1. s-boots only – you need move speed against scorpion (2nd boss) (I even recommend getting sport shoes before facing scorpion, otherwise you have quite a little margin to react to his jump attack)

    2. Try to upgrade VP to level 3 to get the radius increase (it's a bit uncomfortable with a small one).

    3. DO NOT evolve VP, because it doesn't do anything to the last boss but it takes a skill slot for exo-bracer which is useless (gives neither attack nor hp).

    4. Absolutely required to get the destroyer – that's your main damage item. You can basically end the run immediately if you're not getting it.

    5. Highly suggested to get BOTH fitness guide and oyoroi and to upgrade them as much as possible before facing the last boss. Not being oneshot for his bullet attack is huge, you can heal back with meat.

    6. Since you need to get sport shoes, get soccer ball as well and try to evolve it. It deals somewhat decent damage to bosses but more importantly it helps you to farm exp faster.

    7. Absolutely required to get he-fuel – allows you to keep the distance from bosses while showering them with destroyer.

    8. It would be great to have a power bullet, but it's possible to win without it.

    9. Leave all the grenades and meat for the last boss. Grenades – to purge the majority of bullets from his bullet attack. Meat – to heal back after being hit by a bullet.

    10. During last boss'es bullet attack pick up grenade immediately or stick to the wall opposite to him. This way it's easier to dodge the bullets. He can jump/use other attacks while you're dodging, just don't panic. Move slowly alongside the wall reacting to incoming attacks. In case of him jumping, you can move to the corner, his jumps don't reach there. If you were able to pick up grenade, remember that it doesn't remove bullets off you screen, be careful running.

    I play King survivor, so it was also necessary for me to get a survivor instinct – a great damage boost.

    My perfect composition of supply skills was as follows (priority-ordered):

    1. survivor instinct – great damage increase

    2. he-fuel – it's borderline impossible to deal full destroyer damage without it

    3. sport shoes – you need this speed to safe all the lifes before the last boss.

    4. fitness guide OR oyoroi – not to get oneshot from last boss

    5. power bullet – damage increase

    6. fitness guide OR oyoroi – to be even tankier (it's not rare to get hit multiple times with his bullet attack)

    If you play Common survivor, get either [energy cube + lightning emitter] or [ammo thruster + drill shot] instead of a survivor instinct (to increase single-target damage)

    My perfect composition of weapon skills was as follows (priority-ordered):

    1. drone-a

    2. drone-b

    3. soccer ball

    and anything else depending on which supply skills I was able to get (preferably single-target). It's really not important, almost all the damage was done by destroyer anyway.

  24. After several attempts I managed to pass the level with VP in purple level 2 (I have LC in epic level 3). VP will manage to pass to the final boss without problem if you stay in the black holes. Evolve VP only to three stars (to get the black hole bigger). Focus on having the drones at the maximum level, the drill to obtain the arrow and the Lightning or the rocket. The skills that will serve the most will be the high power bullet, HE Fuel, but especially the fitness guide and the ronin oyoroi (the shield). You want to have these last two to Max of stars (it’s the only way to not get killed instantly with the bullets).To go against the last boss, you must store the bombs and use them when the bullets fire. To prevent him from shooting so many bullets, you must keep the boss in the center. When he starts jumping, make his last jump to the center, this helps him not to shoot so many bullets.

    Good luck

  25. The level itself is easy for me, ive been stuck on the final boss FOREVER

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