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Bringing you another 5 finger game called Survivor!.io. Stay alive defeating mobs and beat the clock to beat the chapter. Grab power ups and evolve them into their ultimate abilities. This is a new game by Habby maker of Archero. Let me know in the comments of your thoughts on this new mobile game.
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  1. Does anyone know how to link my account to my Google play so I don't lose data. I started a account without being logged into Google play and my character is at level 40 now and I don't want to lose my data. Please help

  2. Hey im not sure whether I should stay with my epic fingerless gloves or epic S grade gloves that I can soon get ;-; Which one better?

  3. I never spent money, i insta knew it dont worth to go. Maybe ill buy pass cuz i like the ideia of own all Heros.

  4. Yes and no. Too expensive, should definitely be cheaper BUT considering how long legend tech parts take, I would probably just spend what gems I can anyways, cause I'm f2p and it's estimated to take at least 10 years just doing dailies, Jesus!!

  5. i just got the epic lightrunners and completed the entire set of tech parts AND beat chapter 15 and 16 today, i feel good at the game now

  6. Bruh that is such a waste, Tech parts aren’t much good outside of excellent, I’d rather get regular s grade chests.

  7. A lot of things in this game seem to be overpriced compared to other games. I haven’t purchased anything in the game yet and I plan to keep it that way with how much they charge.

  8. I bought 10 and got a epic tech part I bet it’s just luck and I have no gems left lol

  9. S Grade Supply crate already felt overpriced (~$100 gem value to get 1 S equipment that might not be what you want)

    They somehow made something with a worse value…

  10. This vid proves beyond doubt that pick does not get sponsored by Habby. They would instantly banish him for placing this video online lol

  11. Pls Make video for which Hero Is the Best For Upgrade Cat Or The Defalt

  12. I swear the price of these boxes gems wise went up in a couple hours of this being released.
    I foolishly spent 900 gems on two boxes because thats all I had stacked.
    Didn't get jack.

  13. I only brought one and it was an excellent brick part,🎉 but then I had no gems because I’m f2p so sticking with S grade supplies

  14. did they do a mistake pricing this? lmao this is insane

  15. question should I save up to buy the x10 opens on the s grade supplies or x1 also how do I fix my EDF supplies because I can only open it if I have EDF keys

  16. What should I use kunai or katana? Same level

  17. holy crap just opened this chest and wasted 30k gems

  18. 3% epic for every 1 crate
    30% epic for x10 crate
    90% epic for x30 crate
    If it took you x60 tries for 1 epic you are very unlucky.

  19. I was planning to get it thank you 😁

  20. Total scam.

    The 6 attack and 6 defense purple tech parts were an excellent deal during Christmas, I was able to select what I needed and make epic parts. Just wait for another of those or just farm every cay. The epics will come.

  21. Just imagine you get a bunch of greens and one blue.

    You'll be reaching for your Lightchaser to fall on after that gem waste.

  22. I spent a 100k diamonds or gems lol whatever u would like to call them and yea I got epic every 60 draws it’s not very reliable I wouldn’t spend anything on it

  23. Like hell we would buy that money grabbing shii

  24. absolutely agree, dont buy these parts.
    the way habby lured players to pay is so UGLY

  25. Hi there
    I just found your channel!
    I ended up here because i wanted tips for survivor, but i see you played alot archero before. Was wondering which one you recommend from both? Did you quit archero because survivor you liked it more? I’m between of these two to start playing
    Hope it makes sense, thanks!

  26. I bought this crate, and it didn’t take me 60 opens to get an epic like it says, I got 2 epics on my very first open, so after seeing that I used my 40k gems and spent the rest on it and ended up getting so many epics. I think it was definitely worth it, but it wouldn’t have been if it did actually take 60 opens to get an epic

  27. After seeing this overpriced crate, I am very thankful that I got LC via Xmas Hat Exchange!

  28. Crazy enough I opened 1 crate & got an epic the first try lol

  29. i accidentally bought one because i was going to see the drop rates and i got a epic part for the green force field thing😂

  30. This is actually tech parts not the normal materials crate lol

  31. I enjoy the game so spend money have bought all the begginer,advance and expert fund packs did the 50 opens got gold force field thing already have drone ,missle in gold so aint too disappointed

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