EVO Tier List - BEST and WORST Skills - EVO Tier List – BEST and WORST Skills

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Bringing you another 5 finger game called Survivor!.io. Stay alive killing mobs and beat the clock to beat the chapter. Grab power ups and evolve them into their ultimate abilities. This is a new game by Habby maker of Archero. Let me know in the comments of your thoughts on this new mobile game.
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  1. I love your videos! Keep it up ❤️

  2. I would put the soccer ball in « It’s good » for sure

  3. I don’t think guardian deserves a place that high and I think whistling arrow deserves a top spot

  4. i also think that the evo for the light sword is incredible

  5. straight from Brazil watching your videos even though I don't understand much, it's still better than the Brazilians, success

  6. I think soccer ball should be in it’s good. Quantum ball is so good at single target dmg and pushing enemies back

  7. i thought the drones would be in its aweful

  8. 2:10 if you have a 5* Energy Cube, and Exo bracer its infinite so they cant dodge it.

  9. The soccer ball and drill go good together in closed areas, the drill being more efficient of the 2. But the soccer ball not so much in wide areas. The gas cans r only good against butterfly residue lol. I like the way the brick(1 ton) bashes thru crowds. The rocket is so slow but im warming up to it some. I agree with u big time on the twin missile's,I like them but
    they go where they want instead of where u want them. Good video, we pretty much like the same weapons.

  10. I was just watching your weapon tier list and saw this was uploaded! Thanks for the help and keep it up 🙂

  11. Supercell is the best skill to hit the bosses with cd + atk 👍

  12. For me i would mostly agree with this. But here is my list

    The Best: soccer ball and brick and supercell.

    its Good: Drill, destroyer drones, shark rpg and durian.

    its Okay: defender and forcefeild

    its awful: boomerang, molotov, and laser chaser thing (forgot what its called lol)

    Every time im using brick it always has such a high damage percentage. And at 5 stars it will destroy bosses if you get under them. And for soccer ball i think its great no matter what stage or part of the level you are on. you should grab this for every run in my opinion. Supercell is just an amazing damage and will always hit.

    I actually strongly disagree with what you said about the drones, when im able to get them to hit the boss it shoots many missles and does tons of damage and is great for swarms aswell. It also frees up a space which is insane because you can get way more damage with an extra ability. For the shark gun and drill I agree and they are a good grab to get. Durian is juts a great ability overall and agree with you said.

    For the defender it only gets the its good spot because of the projectile deflection. For me I at most only see a 2-7% damage throughout chapters for this and dont recommend for chapters with no projectiles. The forcefield is good for trials and is really only for fun and barley does any damage. It could be in awful but I see it as a fun and not meant for real chapters but trials.

    For me the boomerang is just the entirely worst ability in the entire game and its magnet part is also trash because you can just get a magnet and if you try to save your chicken legs or bombs you will just accidentally pick them up. The laser chaser thing I can just never see it hitting enemies and when it does it looks to me thats it doesn’t even kill them. The molotov was good in early chapters but just doesnt do good enough dmg anymore for me.

    thank you for reading that it took a long time to type lol

  13. I think this is a perfect tier list other then the quantum ball. It should be in the it’s good category.

  14. Script said Soccer ball but Video showed the Durian. Please be more careful next time ^^ Love your videos btw

  15. BEST setup imo Im on chapter 20 with 1.9k attack.

    Lighting bolt
    Lazer launcher

    1 free slot open so you can choose +50%
    atttack boost

    I left whistleling arrow out beacause durian also does decent damage but it's its modifier that makes the difference. Whisteling arrow doesnt really protect you from mobs close to you but its good for bosses but I do fine without it. Gaurdian and dumbell and lazer launcher size increases so you get way more dps and safety. Lazer launcher gets 10%+ damage this way and all damage dealt by weapons is close to the same. Lazer laucher and lightning bolt use same evo.

  16. I couldn't even recognise the evo boomerang, it's so trash

  17. Lol, rating soccer ball on the same tier as lasers and drones is very unfair. It's very good when you're swarmed. It should be AT LEAST "It's good" tier. Also I have to mention that evolved rocket is weak imo because it just goes through many enemies and then explodes instead of exploding on contact (so if I choose rocket inside the game, then I try not to choose evo for this).
    And I'm playing with these abilities every game (but sometimes RNG can destroy this setup as always, huh): lightning one, soccer ball, drill, brick and durian.

  18. Boomerang evolved is quite good for sitting still, since it radiates outward it hits pretty much everything. Loot magnet is nice when you don't get many magnet drops, but especially when you need to kite enemies a lot in the early game. A lot of these levels are tough to keep pace with and any experience you can scoop up to keep leveling up your skills is a big deal. On some levels magnet just feels necessary imo. Plus with the sitting still build you just stack up gems and then do a little wiggle and watch it all just Hoover in 😎

    Honestly I like taking spinning tops but not evolving them, if I take the CDR and max it, the tops are pretty much constantly out anyway and that DOT modifier doesn't seem to work with any other stuff. Maybe bleeds but I don't use the katana and don't have the yellow crit gloves yet. I also have the CDR necklace so my tops really do stay out pretty much constantly.

    For some levels once you hit minute 14, especially with challenge mode buffs, the screen is packed full of mobs. A sit still and push back build works super good here: main weapon, brick, boomerang, tops, laser, force field/Molotov– hp, energy drink, magnet, scroll, CDR, HE ammo for bigger aoe. Kunai can do all the bossing if you have yellow elite gloves.

  19. Scorched Earth Policy should be higher than the drone. It nullifies poison and when paired with Exo Bracer, the flames burn for very long. Quantum Entanglement paired with Bullet Speed also goes crazy

  20. soccer ball 🙁 literally has stats to back it up

  21. the evolved guardian has no difference compared to the 5 stars, they both deal the same damage, but the evolved is just there permanently. You can get guardians on permanent cooldown with energy coil and its the same as an evolved guardian. The guardian passive becomes useless on it, once its evolved, since it has no cooldown anyway so you are just wasting a slot

  22. my choice of items depends on my weapon. if i use s sword, i mainly go for brick, ball, drill, lightning, rocket (either durian or laser to free up passive space for atk)
    if kunai, i get defender + shield, lightning (for more aspd), drill (for faster kunai flight), ball, laser or rocket (just to help control when mobs swarm up close)

    in general, this is going to be my tier list
    best: lightning, ball
    good: drill, brick
    okay: disc, shield, laser, durian, rocket, rocket pods
    bad: boomerang, molotov

    lightning needs no further explanation why it's the best.
    ball isn't good at early levels but is fkkin awesome at evo. it can even save you from swarm especially if you have low cd.
    drill evo sounds good and looks good on stats but is just all over the place most of the time. it attacks too randomly and isn't really dependable on a pinch. good on bosses though but lightning is better. i mainly get drill just to have faster projectile speed for kunai.
    brick evo is good, but strike zone is too little imo. it would've been nice if they instead gave brick autotarget that pierces through. a bit like a kunai but slower aspd and hits like a truck.
    disc and shield mainly just for defensive play. helps a lot with swarmy stages. adding laser to this further boost safe ground. rocket pods is also okay for this.
    rocket pods i mainly use if the rng sucks and i have no better choice. it's okay for defensive setup. can sometimes kill bosses really fast if you can get the timing and aim right.
    rocket evo sometimes sucks. higher dmg for slower rate of fire seems bad but that's what we have. sometimes i prefer non evo rocket just because it fires more and can clear low hp mobs faster.
    non evo boomerang is good on vertical stages. you hit up and it returns to hit the other side. evo boomerang sucks balls.
    molotov i haven't found it being useful, not even with defensive setup. i thought the good combo would've been shield + disc + molotov so they can burn off a lot while trying to get closer to you but the dmg is too negligible for it to have a better effect to the game. also i thought the overtime passive from disc would benefit molotov but i can't really tell if it does because i usually get them at the final part of a stage where it's so hectic i'm just trying to survive. lol

  23. I have a suggestion for a build. I uave 2. a defencive and an attackive/ damage.
    Attack: Demon blade/Baseball bat. Lazer, lightning emiter, Whisle arrow/drill, Sheild(This is attackive build but if they do get passed whisle arrow we need backup) Rpg

  24. as a early game player i love the forcefield but i dont know what else to choose… im only on world 4, do you have any ideas for what else to use?

  25. I like to use lighting spiked ball soccer ball whistling arrow and rocket I’m not that far in the game so my weapon is a purple kunai I max the kunai or whistling arrow first

  26. When should u stop using guardians, forcefield and brick?

  27. I played the game everyday. And it depends how you want to play the every chapter. Every skills has a good mechanics for every chapter.

  28. Quantum ball usually has top damage when I check. It has been so helpful in helping me survive swarms. I think it needs a top spot.

  29. I was definitely attached to those early items but the fall off of them is huge around level 10 I found. Switched to these strategies and things definitely improved. Only thing I would switch here is putting Defender in the best. Once you understand how to skillfully block projectiles instead of just randomly doing it the thing becomes almost a game breaker on some bosses like the mosquito who literally just cant shoot if you follow it. From a damage perspective though I would agree with your sorting, but personally I value it's utility very highly even more than the damage + it's evo passive is really solid. Great list – helped me a lot 😀

  30. What about weapons evolution like kunai and gatling gun

  31. Honestly guardian and force field is one of the best combos in the game, one knockes back and blocks projectiles, and the other stuns and damages. Im in chapter 6 and that combo carried my throughout the trials. Definitely top tier

  32. what does evo do ? when i pick gold ticket its evo is brick what it does to the brick ?

  33. Football ball, whistle arow, durian, guardian and energy battery is most powerful combo, you generally saw in the menu, there are damage statistics, so look how much damage these items do!!!

  34. They should make it so that the evoguardian has a stun chance when it dmg the target.pretty sure sum like 10% chance would be good enough

  35. Whistling arrow is as good as supercell, high damage n auto lock boss

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