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Hello friends, the new game breaks all records, and today we will talk about the evolution of weapons and how to get them. This will be a small guide for your more convenient game. The first part of the video series can be found on the channel of my friend PlayMe so go to his channel and watch the first part.

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  1. No Gatling is the best it can actually kill bosses as fast as possible i mean goddamn fast if you put it into like a high level of damage all the bosses will be dead i mean it

  2. Акцент как у русского, ты русский?

  3. Меня пугает твой Английский…

  4. The Bat is so underrated, it’s my favorite weapon. It destroys projectiles too

  5. Мэн. Йор инглиш со гуд саксесфули. Гуд лак

  6. I use kunai forcefield and guardian and some other stuff maybe. A soccer ball

  7. You didn't even show the weapons while evo'd dumb vid.

  8. The kunai is probably one of the most broken ones when evolved

  9. Кстати,я сейчас благодаря тебе пойду скачаю эту игру)

  10. Арчеро ты немного ошибся чтобы развить биту нужно брать макс оз 20%

  11. game doesn't give me main weapon upgrade

  12. The guns are abit trash. That bat and sword are surely the best.

  13. Bat needs the fitness manual, it has to have it or it won’t evo, also, it’s good to combo it with brick due to that reasoning, and works well with HE gas (rocket evo support) and energy cube ( lightning field evo support)

  14. Also, lightchaser has the same evo requirements as katana, being that u need the vest.

  15. I’ve seen ads for the game and theyre ehh but is the actual game itself good also is punball good?

  16. The bat called Lucille is a refreance to the walking dead it’s the name of a bat Someone named it

  17. How do I get different weapons I’m stuck on kunai

  18. how do i farm more kunai to merge? will higher chapter give more rewards and thus more chance?

  19. Isn’t this game just a ripoff vampire survivors?

  20. Hahaha love this game cuz i can do the Marceline From Codm xD haha and i have alot of mistake in here cuz i don't see the Evo haha tnks for the tips

  21. This game is a copy of vampire survivors the real game is way better

  22. Like if u know why Baseball-Bat evolution is called Lucille 😁

  23. I was stuck at chapter 4 then i found this vid and i started using shotgun then evolution it and i was now at chapter 5 thanks

  24. The bat is best lol. It doesn’t even make any sense that the game logic chooses to have the bat is more dangerous than the guns and sword.

  25. The Bat is so underrated, it’s my favorite weapon. It destroys projectiles too

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