Legendary Kunai vs Legendary Lightchaser - Legendary Kunai vs Legendary Lightchaser

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Bringing you another 5 finger game called Survivor!.io. Stay alive defeating mobs and beat the clock to beat the chapter. Grab power ups and evolve them into their ultimate abilities. This is a new game by Habby maker of Archero. Let me know in the comments of your thoughts on this new mobile game. Join the revolution of entertainment at jax age the amazing digital circus – an immersive online experience where technology and art collide in a mesmerizing display. Explore the virtual wonders of interactive exhibits, mind-bending performances, and groundbreaking displays.
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  1. Lol I was talking about light chaser in a comment on your last vid

  2. I like LC because I struggle with mobs way more than bosses

  3. The mobs are always harder than the bosses to me. With Kunai it's so much easier to get overwhelmed.

  4. There was a daily chalange where you had as a bonus your weapon working as legendary. So I tried booth. With Lightchaser, once you upgrade her a little, she is your very own mob control…wich means you can focus your skills towards single target (lightning, missile, drones). With the Kunai you have a very easy start, but you´ll NEED two skill focused on crownd control FAST..otherwise the second wave will trample you. But it helps a lot against bosses…except that the legendary passive dows nothing against bosses.

  5. Now use the chick with the legend bat with your kunai

  6. I have raised my Kunai to Legend yesterday! 🙂 Very cool, now I'm waiting for few Excellent armors to raise also Eternal Suit to Legend! 😀

  7. light chaser is good for square map and kunai is good for large map

  8. I just got light chaser yester day it helped me beat chapter 20.

  9. Feed the kunai into the chaser you know u want to

  10. Epic Shiny Wristguards would work well with the legend Kunai

  11. What's your thoughts on the gatlin gun versus the other 2 weapons in this video inquiring minds

  12. Can you try Kunai with Eternal Necklace for more damage instead? 🙂

  13. LC is good me now 46 clear and now stuck at 57 that insane

  14. kunai should be played with the S neck and I heard it shredded with fingerless.

  15. You have to try play more with ur void power even if it’s not upgraded. Stun from it is amazing. Just finished 65 stage with it.

  16. Nice Video.💪 My Kunai is epic and I have tho choose during this event the lightchaser or the eternal suit. Which one should I take?

  17. I just made my first LEGENDARY RED BAT and boy is that thing FUN! Lucille and Tsukiyomo are made for each other. The WAXMOON 🌙 SCAR pairs perfect with it.

    I used to be a big fan of the kunai but the LC especially with Tsuki is just too awesome, don't forget the drones!

    Just put a video up trying the bat out in the gold mine.

    Hope you had a great Christmas, looks like this game will be HUGE next year! Love it.



  18. I'll always prefer autoaim over anything. If they make all weapons autoaim then rest in peace to the soul of kunai.

  19. I think Kunai works better with gloves wich have chance to insta kill non bosses mobs, making easier not getting ganked from mobs

  20. I have my kunai red and just got my second light chaser so can make it yellow. Try kunai with guardian on that level with max attack distance blue bottle skill and Brick and soccer ball. Nearly impenetrable circle. The blue bottle to make the guardian huge is a must though

  21. Which one is better between the Shiny Wristguard and the Eternal Gloves??

  22. Can you make video about how to save survivor io accounts ??

  23. Definitely LC. Kunai isn't even better than Shotgun, let alone S grade weapons

  24. how much did you donate to this game?

  25. To break the game and cheese through all chapters and all challenges:
    Weapons in priority: Kunai, guardian(tech), soccer ball(tech) drones(tech) laser (tech) lightning.

    Passives: ninja scroll, HE fuel 5*, atk boost, soccer shoes, energy cube, exo bracer,

    If you use void power, LC or bat you just change the ninja scroll, no guardian for void power. You got tsukyoumi, take slash instead of guardian. But passives stay the same. Exo bracer boost laser and soccerball. You’re literally invincible vs mobs + it melts bosses. Removes poison, and you can even afk with this build.

  26. Got to build around your kunai. I dont have a lightchaser but a kunai is beast

  27. I'm stuck in this lvl 63 with my red kunai, I dunno what to do, pls help 😭

  28. The key for easier and smoothest stage isnt based on weapon or equipments, yes its only a fraction of biggest factors on surviving and beating last boss.

    Eternal blade can still be fast as kunai in killing boss, u only need to pair the blade with right skills and passive.

    Lightning and its CD reduction passive is the best for E. Blade, OP at killing boss

    Drill- cool passive tho, bullet speed, plus it is OP in doing boss too

    Boomerang- just for magnet passive, also for fill up skills only😂 great damage tho if evolved, good for horde too

    Drones- super OP but need to be careful on getting near boss, also get the PASSIVE where u can EXTEND THE WEAPON RANGE, so u wont need to get near the boss just for drones to hit them, as they Will have extra range,

    RPG/DURIAN- whatever u like, just to fill up skills and get the passive, BUT personally i prefer the RPG so u can still have range on getting bosses.

    As for your extra passives As much as possible get the Hi Damage (for shotgun evolve) u can have +10% attk up to 50%

    And Fill up the rest of the vacant skills, try to experiment and observe.

  29. You always need defender with kunai for pushing back out of personal space.

  30. this game is horrible because it literally takes forever to upgrade your items. been playing for months and I'm not even getting close.

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