NEW Weapon Tier List - NEW Weapon Tier List

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Bringing you another 5 finger game called Survivor!.io. Stay alive defeating mobs and beat the clock to beat the chapter. Grab power ups and evolve them into their ultimate abilities. This is a new game by Habby maker of Archero. Let me know in the comments of your thoughts on this new mobile game.
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  1. Dude do your trails you’ve got enough attack for them

  2. I feel like void power is better than LC In square and horizontal maps but when it’s open I’ll rather use LC

  3. I think the Katana and pistol would SEVERELY benefit from a second joystick that can aim separately from the direction you're currently facing
    Edit: also the bat is useless against bosses UNTIL you get that circular swing then it's amazing

  4. As a f2p that is committed to getting a red before I move on, the 2 s tiers are out of question.

    Shotgun for obvious reasons, some mentioned in your video.

    The katana although its second to revolver in dmg per hit, doesn't fit my playstyle, and its heal abilities are rly pointless since I usually get 1 shot by everything.

    Revolver although I wanted to use this in the first weeks of playing the game I just didn't see it beating the other weapon choices I had pre red evo.

    Kunai is terrible before its shuriken, which makes your rng for kunai picks solely what you have to rely on to clear the chapter. And that was simply not an option on later chapters, plus after watching several gameplays of its red version it really doesn't fair much compaired to other red transitions.

    So I settled with bat because its satisfying works nicely with my counter strafing has insane knockback and bleed to get your through chapters where ur just a little bit short on atk, at least until I got a LC and used it to beat the game. But now I'm just building gold bat in the background until eventually i can get it to red considering 55 days of gameplay got it to a gold+1 with enough purple bats to get to red, it might take 3 more months atleast to get it to red.

  5. 1.light chaser
    2. Void power
    3. Kunai

  6. I agree with ur list. People were giving mixed feelings about the Void, but once you actually learn how to use it to its full potential it’s amazing. The fact that it not only has great offense but also DEFENSE being able to protect u from mobs…game changer.

  7. I beat chapter 20 using a excellent(2) katana and i'm using the healing equipment set

  8. hey do you know how to make a new account in this game? i want to start over but i can’t really figure it out so do i need another device or is there a way to make a new account using game centre or something??

  9. How the hell do I get the modular mine like what chapter

  10. When is your next f2p video going to come out?

  11. that Revolver is Cool fast killing boss and Elite ..I wish new update for 2 Thumbs 😅😅 it's Hard Control Shotgun and Revolver 🤣

  12. Shotgun is underrated. If all of them is yellow/purple, Shotgun is top 3 or top 4 weapon. Here's the reason
    1. Having high power bullet allows you to have all different skill that have all different supply.
    2. When it's evolved, it can deal against mobs and elites at same time better than any other weapon beside LC and Void Power.
    3. Has higher DPS than Katana, Kunai, or Bat. I think it's also has higher DPS than Revolver but correct me if I'm wrong tho

  13. My go to weapon is the kunai. But lstely the game has been somehow delsying giving me an evo version. Usually after 10mins

  14. Does the monthly card and super monthly card last four 30 days, or does expire at the end of the month?

  15. Frankly my go tos are either the Katana or the Kunai. Since up till now I still don't have a LC or Void.

  16. I’d say if your stating off use the kunai and eventually switch over to the void

  17. Hey. Why don t you make archero vids anymore? Bored? 😁

  18. I'm on stage 27 with shotgun yellow level 58 any other weapon I can't beat the previous 4 levels not enough damage to bosses you can run with the kuni but it just takes way to long for my liking don't have time to make a 15 min game last 25 min

  19. using only void gun at purple, it keeps you safe when tons of mobs gets into you and you don't get hit under your gun shot circle i tried other weapons and died too early, void gun is awesome!

  20. But since I don’t have the void power I think we are use The revolver

  21. Void performs really well in confined maps and really helps when you’re getting swarmed with its evo. Those bubble shields helped me with chapter 20

  22. Personally I would at the very least Swap the Revolver and Katana. I love the Katana and Keep one at Epic Grade alongside my Epic Kunai (which I revert when needed to make either +1) and an Ex+2 Lightchaser. Though Today I did manage to pull a second Lightchaser when rolling for the Void Power weapon, Though don’t have any extra Ex Weapons to bring it to +2 and then Epic Grade. I’ve been debating wether or not to keep all 3 weapons even after I get Lightchaser to Epic or if I should just throw them all into it and run a Lightchaser +3. It’s nice to have options, But as good as the Lightchaser is, I’am kinda leaning towards thinking it’d be worth it. Though That would also mean I wouldn’t have a Weapon Upgrade until I pick up another 2 Copies of Lightchaser or whatever Equivilent quality Void Power would require to Surpass Epic3 Lightchaser.


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