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Are you looking for a comprehensive guide to pets with tips to help you succeed in the game? Look no further! In this video, we’ll cover everything you need to know about pets, from how to get them to how to deploy them and which assisting pet you should use for maximum benefit.

We’ll start by showing you the best ways to acquire pets, including watching ads, using gems, and participating in events like Harvest Haven. We’ll also dive into pet drop rates and assist skills to help you choose the perfect pet for your gameplay style.

But that’s not all! We’ll also teach you how to evolve and level up your pets to increase their rarity level and unlock additional deployment skills. And if you’re looking for the best pets to use in the game, we’ve got you covered with our expert ranking and tier list.

And don’t worry if your pet falls in battle – we’ll share tips on how to revive them and use them as a meat shield in future fights.

Whether you’re new to or a seasoned pro, our guide to pets with tips is sure to give you the edge you need to dominate the competition. So hit that play button and let’s get started!

0:00 Intro
0:23 How to get pets
0:52 Pet drop rates
1:29 Pet Assisting
2:13 Pet Deploy
2:46 Evolving pets
3:25 Leveling up pets
4:02 Best pets
4:30 others tips
4:50 Outro

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  1. 1 view, 3 likes.
    Well done YouTube, please drink a bit less


  3. me when i see an ad : 😵
    when i get my reward from the ad : 😌
    me when it says get a reward for an ad i dont get the reward and it still gives me the ad : 🤬

  4. Croaky has passive skills but it is too weak

  5. I'm not so into Croaky after considering all Pet options. I eventually decided on the Murica (i.e. eagle), it's whirldwind attack penetrates all in its path, so I don't have to worry about attack penetration. My Murica also comes with Attack and Skill Range boost. Then I paired it with pets that provide Attack and Skill Damage + Attack and Skill Range boost respectively, so my Murica currently does on average the 2nd-3rd highest amount of damage across all weapons in-game due to its attack and range.

    Also, take note that Assist Skills of Assisting Pets cannot be the same, the game does not allow it. For example, you cannot have 2 assisting pets with the same Attack & Skill Damage boost, regardless of percentage boost.

  6. can't believe i forgot so suscribe to someone like you. subscriber +1

  7. You rock mate! Def croaky is my fav thus far but only tried neemo and Rex.

  8. When do you first unlock pets?

  9. con cua và con chó khi lên evo sẽ trùm bảo kê 1 con cản đạn 1 con chịu st và hút máu

  10. Subscribe people! Or I’ll ping your IP and pay you a visit!

  11. How do you get pets though???
    I dont know

  12. Your title is really misleading. Please change ‘downgrade’ to ‘level down.’ I only opened this video to check how to downgrade them, but apparently you can only level down.

  13. We can feed pets cookies and take them back from their stomach how is that possible

  14. Bro your camera is too high :|? I always want to see your handsome face😊

  15. I don't understand why your croaky have so much more Power than mine…i'm 4 level higher but you have damage 100k more…why U have other skills with croaky?

  16. You can also swap your pets in and out quickly by dragging and dropping them from the play area! That way you aren't constantly having to open and close screens

  17. Hello friend, I don't see the "my pets" option in the "equipment" section, it just says "my equipment" and there is nothing but weapons and armor (translator's English XD)

  18. Hey Phase, Do you have to be a certain level to equip pets or something else? I opened a excellent pet chest from the harvest event but no sign of anything.
    Update: To unlock pets, you need to pass chapter 10.

  19. I have Frog, Fish, and dog all red. Fish is super cool but not effective. Frog seems like #1 until I played dog. Official rank is frog best in exho, dog best in chapters/else. Fish behind dog.

  20. brother can you please make a guide to increase attack and hp from equipments…my attack is 12k only how to increase it faster?…..

  21. wy does the turtel look like a zombie is it infected or what and the crabs eyes

  22. I can't access my pets for some reason i just started playing so idk if i have to have some type of requirements? Im lvl 17 on stage 7

  23. why I cant put murica and rex? whenever I tried to put murica it changes Rex 🙁

  24. Just wanted to ask if it is advisable for a f2p player to buy the gold and gems pet cookie on the pet peddler shop everyday? thank you for whoever can give me thier honest input.

  25. How do you have everything gold already😂

  26. The pets concept is lame. Wish I could turn it off.

  27. What the assist pets does? Dont understand

  28. I'm using Droid, and croaky and the cat as assist. Assist skills are att/skill dmg and penetration, all pets at gold 1. I have 5 gear at red 4 and my kanai at red 3. Droid currently outputs on average 20-25% total damage at the end of a battle. Still experimenting with different combos of pets and assist skills, but this combo utilizes the Droid laser attack very well, especially during the last half of the battles, because he basically shoots off the screen through all enemies. On skinny levels, the Droid will usually camp the bottom and take care of most of the enemies by themselves. Only issue I have with the Droid is that it will stay just far enough away from you to take damage during harder waves of enemies, but the reduced respawn time of the Droid helps with that.

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