TOP 3 ABiLiTiES i Go For And YOU Should TOO!! - TOP 3 ABiLiTiES i Go For And YOU Should TOO!!

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Bringing you another 5 finger game called Survivor!.io. Stay alive killing mobs and beat the clock to beat the chapter. Grab power ups and evolve them into their ultimate abilities. This is a new game by Habby maker of Archero. Let me know in the comments of your thoughts on this new mobile game.
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  1. Definitely gravitate toward Supercell, Caltrops and Destroyer. Tend to use brick with the bat for the evo combo, but that’s about it.

  2. I love durian. Plus HE fuel makes everything way bigger when maxed so my stuff hit more things

  3. Bro you don’t do any Archero videos anymore you were my favorite Archero YouTuber

  4. Heres a combo ive been using:
    -Force field, durian, rocket, lightning, laser
    -Energy drink, HE fuel, energy cube, and whichever ability is evo for ur primary weapon. For the last 2 I have high power bullet and whatever else i feel like using
    Force field/energy drink can be changed as well

  5. Soccer ball, drill and lightning are very good. If there is lots of XP, add destroyer. And brick is very good on vertical maps, a bit worse on the box and infinity map

  6. I personally love the drill most just because your character whistles and the whistling arrow comes when you get the evo and also because i found out its really OP and the evo does insane amounts of dmg to the boss

  7. Mine are force field, guardian, and drill. Im in chapter 3 so idk how the later weapons work but that setuo carries my through the chapter 1 and 2 trials

  8. How did you get alot of equipments 😭😢

  9. people need to stop copying original game ideas. this game is clearly a rip off of vampire survivors

  10. Currently, the Drill, Lightning, and Molotov. Previously Laser and Destroyer (drones). Sometimes will pair it with wheel of death (top) or forcefield for defense. Now testing out other ones such as soccer ball, durian, and brick. I would choose different ones depending on the maps. Kinda have to strategize which weapons for different stages/maps.

  11. I am in Chapter 19 with no gold equipment, and I have been using this combo for almost every chapter. 1.7k attack, 6.2k HP.

    Katana, Lightning, Soccer, Brick, Rocket, Durian (or Laser)
    Armor, Attack, HP, Cooldown, Ammo/Range, Movement

  12. What is that 5th weapon and how to get it

  13. Is depand i think.. I notice after i win Chapter 20.. There are few Range Atker.. So i pick a Range Skill like Durian,Drill,Ball entire screen to win it..

  14. I’m only at chapter 4 but i have never seen the durian or the laser, eill i unlock them soon?

  15. Shotgun, drones, force field, boomerang rocket , molotov

  16. I like to use drill soccer ball and the fruit on the non inf maps

  17. I‘m on chapter 23 and use soccer ball brick an lightning as my top 3

  18. I personally go for forcefield and energy drink and guardian

  19. This is like the Walmart 20 minutes till dawn

  20. Best For Camping Use Guardian ForceFeild With Molotov And Lazer Make Them All EVO Its Op

  21. It is important to note that the Durian does not scale with the ATK upgrade. Its spikes do tho. If this is a bug and gets fixed the Durian is even more OP i think.

  22. for me durian never shows up why is that? i am in chapter 4

  23. The one ability I get every single time is the guardians. It helps so much with mobs and blocking projectiles, especially with some bosses where their projectiles are almost impossible to dodge.

  24. I’m only on chapter 5 but so far the drill and soccer ball are devastating together. Also the wheels of death and the force field are great for a defensive combo

  25. The Spirit shuriken is one that i love to go for and its pretty much mandatory for me

  26. 1-soccerball

    These are my top 3

  27. Probably the guardians and the in and out like a ghost and probably the force field because if there's a lot of people around you they can't touch you they will die when they are so close to you

  28. In LA game you can automatically yeah kill them but when the armor zombies come you can't one shot them
    And I'm a little sad

  29. Im more of a defensive passive guy, so most rounds i play force shield, guardians, and flames. Those 3 are kinda my essentials
    Then i go for lighting, maybe durian or balls and drill. Shurikens max 1st

  30. 2 robots the blades that spin around you falling thunder the boomerang the green shield the lazar is coo I go for it if I can’t get the falling thunder

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