VOID POWER Weapon Guide - BEST Skills - HIDDEN Stats - And MORE!!! - VOID POWER Weapon Guide – BEST Skills – HIDDEN Stats – And MORE!!!

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Bringing you another 5 finger game called Survivor!.io. Stay alive defeating mobs and beat the clock to beat the chapter. Grab power ups and evolve them into their ultimate abilities. This is a new game by Habby maker of Archero. Let me know in the comments of your thoughts on this new mobile game.
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  1. Wait so are you guarantied to get an excellent every 10 they you open??

  2. How do you even get those crates? I don’t have that option

  3. It's for sure wave clearing weapon than boss killing type, I feel like the cost is just too much, It's going to be hard to even get duplicate of this, So I am holding to my Epic(2) Lightchaser

  4. As a free to play I’m just gonna stay with the katana

  5. Nice to see Void Power in action! At least helps me weigh my option of whether to purchase more 💎 or not lol. Thanks Pick!

  6. I'll stay On lightchaser, looking you fighting the boss, need some Timing🗿

  7. I’m glad you made this. I got my kunai up to epic while trying to get the void power. Still 50 more to go.

  8. off topic but the mine with the lightning emitter 🔥

  9. This channel deserves more views and subs! So much effort Is put into these videos and I always look forward to watching them every day. Entertaining and informative always good qualities to have in a yt vid

  10. Did it take you the full 100 chest to get the new weapon? Or did you draw it before the 100th chest?

  11. Editing skills are starting to improve i see, i gotta start uploading more😅

  12. Still haven't gotten Void Power yet.

  13. I spend 30eu with growth fund to get weapon to the epic grade. And what I can say from testing it, it's one powerful and fun weapon to use! Like you said, you can follow black holes same as durian to get out of sticky situations. I'm playing with epic trendy charm and always trying to get energy cube for maximum cd. And what I have noticed that you can stun lock mini bosses in front of you until they die. Since when enemies are sucked into black hole, they can't do damage to you. AND black holes kills enemies without leaving poison puddles on the ground.

  14. wow this video cost at least $100 to make! I only bought enough crates to guarantee the random S grade. I'm getting so much gear by farming that I haven't been tempted to spend any money. Getting ~2 purples per day

  15. Feels like it's going to be a pay to win game

  16. Quick note – bh protects you from bullets if u in it, since it absorbs any bullet that passes thru

  17. I've pulled that on a free ad Purple Equipment chest today.It's like i used all of my luck in the game in a free chest

  18. Why is mine freezing everytime there is full of zombies 😭

  19. Got this after 5 chest 😂😂. This weapon protect me at chapter 33, just be careful with dradon mob that spit fire, but im to weak, final boss just one tap me. Clearly it is a great defense weapon, but not good with bosses

  20. i got very lucky as i had 8 rolls till an s weapon and got the void power. Still experimenting on what skills are the best due to the new mine

  21. Thanks for putting this video out! Definitely a good weapon for those vertical maps, can always count on you for the latest and greatest 👍🏾

  22. I think if you still have or you will end up getting ,the multiple growth fund tiers, the 3rd tier worth 17.99 which gives you I think 40k gems which I think is enough to get the new void power gun !!!! 😮😮

  23. Kunai is d best f u have a good Gear 💪
    – waiting for Last Kunai epic to Upgrade Legendary Kunai 😎

  24. Hopefully they put it in an event later so we can atleast have a go with +2 exel void 🥰

  25. How do i grind like you i play alot and it takes like an hour to open one s gade chest please help me out bro

  26. Standing in the blue bubbles is actually easier than you think. They appear on top of your void when it disappears.

  27. Bro im a newbie and maybe can u help me for give me a gem. So i can get that void power🙏🙏

  28. I honestly don’t understand why so much shade is thrown on the Katana. I currently use Epic+1 Katana & Kunai as well as Ex+2 Lightbringer pretty equally across different maps and different content. Don’t sleep on the Katana!

  29. I only need 1 more lightchaser to be an epic one, so i do skip on this one

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