Voidwaker WINDBREAKER Guide - is it BETTER than the ETERNAL Suit??? - Voidwaker WINDBREAKER Guide – is it BETTER than the ETERNAL Suit???

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Bringing you another 5 finger game called Survivor!.io. Stay alive killing mobs and beat the clock to beat the chapter. Grab power ups and evolve them into their ultimate abilities. This is a new game by Habby maker of Archero. Let me know in the comments of your thoughts on this new mobile game.

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  1. For those watching now curious later the VoidWAKER (not void walker lol I did the same) does technically give more “chances”.Technically a VW can give you 6 “life” at legendary -Starting Life-a Full hp return-a shield that is UP TO 100% of HP (not always) -Token Life-Full HP-Full shieldWhere it gets really interesting is at AF max where it gives you an additional Berserk which if I understand correct is basically an additional berserk per full life. TL:Dr – Eternal gives you more damage (die and revive) whereas VW gives you more durability with a solid 20-30 seconds of bonus invulnerable damage against bosses while you heal and gain shields.

  2. Nope.

    Nothing beats revive, especially 2 revives. Testing out the Epic I made right now. Berserker seems fun but need time to analyze it more.

  3. I just want the voidpower weapon man. Need another banner to come along. Ive got 30k gems right now im itching to spend

  4. What gonna happen when you have got all eternal set 3pc epic waiting for make them legendary ? 😂

  5. Just checked out all the void gear stats…and it looks like a bunch of hot garbage.

  6. This void waker set is trash and is just another cash grab.

  7. Depending on how exactly the amulet synergizes with the armor, it could be immensely more broken to have the voidwaker items. If you get berserk every level up for 10 seconds with the amulet and the armor equipped, and you gain free shield for 10 seconds every level up then it could turn into an insane free energy shield pool by the end boss that could make you unkillable. That being said, I'm curious if using un-upgraded armor could further break the energy shield mechanic since you gain energy shield equal to the overflow damage done while at max life. The lower the life pool, the higher the shield gain since higher uptime for maxed out life in berserk for the 10 seconds

  8. Anyone here got the complete armor set with weapon? I wanted to check all the stats though.

  9. Honestly, I don´t see anything better then the current Eternal Set on that…except for the boots (I don´t like the Eternal Boots). Othen then that, I see nothing special, if you already have the eternal gear.

  10. The Eternal suit will still be superior because its on a Legendary stats and have final red skill while windbreaker you still gonna upgrade from scratch you need another 6 of it. 🙁

  11. Just not impressed by the new berserker void equipment. For new players this might be beneficial, but to older players that have the eternal gear, especially at legendary.. it’s not worth starting from scratch to level up the new void equipment. IMO

  12. Finally someone who explains it properly. Just started collecting my first gear lvl 40. Skipping the armor since I need amu more. Will follow for more vids

  13. The 15% increased attack doesn’t just happen after the first revive, it happens after every revive.

  14. Im so happy I JUST got the voidwaker gloves, my favourite piece because of how good it is and it only took me 7 tries to get it from the normal non-guaranteed s grade box

  15. I got the emblem in 20 summons, but eh not sure if I’ll use it

  16. I have both suits at gold and the eternal only gets 3 total life. The new 1 I get 4. So that is a perk. Unless u have a red eternal then u will also get 4

  17. How often should you pause the game to pick your butt?

  18. Shall i use epic eternal gloves or voidwaker hand hand guards excellent +2 paired with eternal boots

  19. What people arnt considering is the +40% atk u get from “berserk” also the shield you get depending on how much damage you deal can be higher than your original full hp making it better than a revive

  20. Excellent voidwaker windbreaker or excellent full metal suit which is better??

  21. I watched whole video, i dont know that much english, plz say, im new player at chapter 20…voidwaker suit or eternal suit? Im f2p and can only use pink rarity

  22. I like void suit more than eternal, its fun to play and if you pay for life using heart, its like we have 4 lives with voidwaker

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