Survivor!.io WEAPON TIER List - Weapon Guide - Best and Worst WEAPONS! -

Survivor!.io WEAPON TIER List – Weapon Guide – Best and Worst WEAPONS!

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Bringing you another 5 finger game called Survivor!.io. Stay alive killing mobs and beat the clock to beat the chapter. Grab power ups and evolve them into their ultimate abilities. This is a new game by Habby maker of Archero. Let me know in the comments of your thoughts on this new mobile game.
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  1. New to the game and my list of voice is identical. My question is should I evolve equipment first or the evolution? When having to choice due to lack of gold?

  2. Kunai is overrated in my opinion..if you’re unable to do 5 star then you’re dead can’t do anything against bunch of zombies whereas katana takes them all at one

  3. What I like about the shotgun is how it stacks with abilities like de brick when you're surounded… it clears pathways evem better with gattling

  4. Shotgun has the most potential for bosses once fully upgraded to Gatling. This I think does the most DPS on bosses. You have to aim it obviously, but for the daily event, I actually got the most damage by using the shotgun (the daily even where you do the most damage to that one boss).

    Revolver can be good for bosses but IMO it's pretty useless.

  5. Kunai and light chaser are the ones that im keep switching in different level and game modes.

    I didnt think that bat bat will be at 3rd. I've never try that.

    Those 2 guns are the ones i hate to use

  6. Yeahhhh.. so i just deleted my kunai and baseball bat to upgrade my shotgun i should have watched this video earlier 😢

  7. doesnt the katanna heal?
    cause everytime i get it I heal very fast lol

  8. The main thing with the kunai is at some point we'll be focused on evading everything on screen and staying far from the boss. The auto long ranged attacks of the kunai is its best selling point. It also pierces through multiple enemies so it's kind of helpful with mobs as well. If there's a way to stick to later bosses with the lightchaser (probably the god gamers can do it), then that'll be my top pick.

    Oh yeah, and many people seemed to get bottlenecked at chapter 12. Kunai can easily deal with those laser turrets.

  9. please tell me how i can restart my account and start from zero because i made a lot of falses

  10. U kinda need to get to higher chapters and learn how to play the game to evaluate these things…
    The gatling is the best sweeper most of the times

  11. Any tips on the trial of chapter 6? I legit always die at minute 13 when 100000 rhinos spawn

  12. For the weapons that you have to point to shoot they need another joy stick to aim

  13. Ty for deleting a comment you didn’t finish reading : )

  14. Thanks for this tier list! I have 2 Kunai and 2 Shotguns, so it seems like I can upgrade Kunai at least to +1. Will you do tier lists of other eq? And for Kinja Run too?

  15. I got the excellent katana from a box on chapter 4 😀

  16. Something didn’t stated about the katana. When u evo it gains some life steal

  17. Shotgun evo 2 is OP if used correctly.
    Spinning in circles kinda fast will shred all mobs and running in a strait line and kinda wiggling the joystick back and forth will allow u to escape if surrounded

  18. Personally i think the katanna is better than the bat because of the life steal

  19. the katana also heals with every hit when evolved

  20. Purple shotgun evo is way more effective then revolvers evo

  21. Really good info for weapons. Now I'm happy that I got the shoot gun. Attack speed + aoe + easy scape. Being in control also help shred the target you want to hit.

  22. Nah baseball bat should be no 1 it carries me the entire game and don’t forget the ability to destroy projectiles

  23. Dumb question how do you evolve purple to gold and beyond?

  24. Metal neckguard gives first passive effect +30%. Does anyone knkw what this means?

  25. Got my acc baned for hack that I've never could even done

  26. The game litterley is only giving me health in S grade crates I alr bought 2

  27. Lmao i purple +1ed my katana smh. Wish i had a purple kunai, but ig either way i should have prolly waited for that instead

  28. which codes still work at all. I've tried many, but it always said it didn't work. can someone help me.

  29. Really the bat is only 3rd? I mean bat is superior in all range and high dmg

    Superior in range bcs of its wiping abilities, half of the screen can die simultaneously.

    And the bleeding dmg is op, so if you didn't kill it 1st hit, it will die on bleeding.

    Kunai is still a problem late game since yes it is auto aim but once you got swarmed by tanky enemies, its over. Its still a one line attack like the machine gun, soo escaping a large horde will be very difficult. But with the bat, you can swing half of the map, even with 5 hits you can clear a massive escape route.

  30. i saw one time on ad that there’s a weapon sickle

  31. Just a little correction for the katana the “ki” blasts are pronounced like “key” not “kai” like you said

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