SV-98 vs MOSIN vs SCOUT | What is the Best? - -

SV-98 vs MOSIN vs SCOUT | What is the Best? –

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Hello everyone!
What is the best? SV-98, Scout or the Mosin? Let’s find this out in

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SV-98 vs MOSIN vs SCOUT | What is the Best? –
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  1. Mosin pros: Not very rare, decent damageSv pros: 10 rounds, high damageSv cons: Fairly rare Scout pros: The most common sniperScout cons: Low damageTHE MOSIN IS THE BEST 😎😎😎

  2. Thank you so much your first live stream, it was so good!

  3. Yea the livestream was good i was there too. I didn't play only watched on yt

  4. SV best
    1.easy to overclock
    2.10 ammo
    3.high dmg

  5. I like how you show us all the details of all weapons. instead of just showing us only the gameplay of you playing. Good job man

  6. Could u do weapon probability with the naginata?
    Ah, and nais vid :p

  7. your first live bro, nice one, I couldn't play cuz i had to do my dishes ;-;

  8. Mosin is better cause we find it more than sv and spas and mosin is the best combo ever !

  9. why tf didnt you pick the rest of ammo for sv uh

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