Taken HOSTAGE in Surviv.io! + Hidden Landmine Trolls! More Funny Moments - glimmergame.com

Taken HOSTAGE in Surviv.io! + Hidden Landmine Trolls! More Funny Moments

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Hey! In this video you see me taken hostage, then get an epic win with a bad spawn, troll with landmines and other funny moments! Enjoy and watch till the end 😛

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Music Titles Used in Video:

Clarx & Harddope – Castle [NCS Release]

Sakura 2020 – Roa


0:00 Taken Hostage!
0:40 Funny Moments & Mine Troll
1:25 bad spawn 🙁
1:55 Risk
2:15 Win with bad spawn?
3:34 Teamers
4:15 Shitty spawn again!
5:35 Don’t be suspicious
5:49 Mine troll
6:00 Intense Moment
6:43 I am stupid
6:57 I love you


“if you are reading this then you just stepped on a virtual landmine :(”


  1. I know when I am bored your channel is a good source of entertainment.

  2. I’m always waiting for the notification that there is anew surviv..io funny video immature watch it now!

  3. In MooMoo Io I Once Defeated A Hp Healing Bot With a bull That was hilarious

  4. LightThief Learn to quickswitch. U will get EZ kills

  5. If u go to the blocked off place with buttons and letters in the casino place, press the buttons in this order: kpyr, and the door will open. It means circle in russsian

  6. You its nice guy you give many taime to yootube add create nice videos ❤❤❤

  7. Can u show me a vid of controls for moomoo pc? Or maybe just tell me on discord

  8. Never forget to put mines on needed things after changing wepons

  9. If you're not gonna moomoo vids anymore czn you atleast make just 1 last moomoo video?

  10. Nice vid,also dude I found you in brawl stars lol,I am LT too but with different meaning xd.

  11. Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to know how u get the custom scope! Keep up ur good work! May i get ur discord

  12. OML lightheif hasn’t uploaded in a while. AND MOOMOOIO

  13. amazing video!! you just earned a sub, hope you keep posting more surviv.io compilations like this

  14. Oh wait gavin is me I remember being there in that bunker

  15. Gavin now has 1.1k afterlife points🤣

  16. how the hell you have Good ping thou…

  17. 🤗🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍😎🤣🤣🤣

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