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  1. your voice is beatiful my record 7 kills 3 more and i`am 1 killed teamers they 4 humas i`am win my friend gived me nice skin and my teammate die and i and 1 player h pro but i`am win cool?

  2. Oh My God ur so trash ihasyou I can beat u in a 1v1 jk lol u the best

  3. Anyone else use all their adrenaline when they find an aimbotter so you dont help them when you inevitably die

  4. You could use footprints to hunt someone down, ex: if someone is running and you can see them run into the trees to heal you could see that they ran into the trees and kill them.

  5. Oh ive seen a lot of aimbots and reporting them. One of them "giao" Was a pro aimbot player who was always in my team and in the cobalt update.

  6. i dont like the part when you let your teamate die

  7. Can you check out my vid see if I’m good at surviv

  8. Don't worry are team is IP baning people so thay can't play on thay'er device.

  9. I rly hate aimbots, hope surviv rly gets rid of them. I feel u

  10. please play with me when you play because i a not an aimbot

  11. i played for like 5 months

  12. I remember on a solo game I was playing on iPad I saw a hacker it was me the hacker and a random dude me and the random dude teamed with each other in order to kill the hacker and them kill each other to make the game fair I then won

  13. i think im better, my channel is ByKenda, im spanish but i think im better (no hate xd)

  14. I miss the old days when u could kill ur teamates with frag nades. It was a good way to get rid of hackers or trash teamates.

  15. 6:06 if he doesn’t come out then just through a mine in front of the room door or a grenade MIRV would work too.

  16. Wow😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  17. myemailwasironic plzdontthinkimoneofthem says:

    damn dude rlly sorry abt the aimbot ppl :(( I've been taken down by quite a few myself and it really sucks. but for every hacker i meet, i find 10 really great players, so I keep playing 🙂

    maybe im crazy owo

  18. Yo I remember watching your vids back in 2017-2018, kinda surprised you speak now but yeah, hope you’re doing well right now lul

  19. MiniGun is trash dude and that's why no one wants it, quickswitching with MOSIN and SPAS is a lot better, ive rekt even hackers with minigun with it

  20. bro why was my name mehasyou before ive even seen this guy

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