The 5 STEPS To Become A MILLIONAIRE | WealthNation -

The 5 STEPS To Become A MILLIONAIRE | WealthNation

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    🏦 Take the quiz and get the right solution for your financial needs.

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  2. $150 k. Have no idea what to do with it. Bad create have no sign of directon… Can you please give me a list of different type of business I can put it in that would at least give me a 10% 15% return. Not too computer savy. Like the Turo idea or air bnb, etc . Wanted to get into businesses that has very low barrier to entry and can become extremely lucrative… Lance

  3. This is really good chock full of infirmation I'm currently making my fitness digital products and now training people live because I always work out and people always want to train with me so I got certified. Thanks for your hard work

  4. You mentioned Marissa in the how you created your online business and said to check her out. But you did not give the name of her YouTube channel.

  5. What is good whole life company to use to be my own banker?

  6. Can you roll over a 401k into a whole life insurance policy?

  7. Hey, thanx for these vids they are an amazing help. They have been helping me with my (thought process)redirecting me from taking the road w/ many stop lights to the road that’s a straight shot to the highway. Figuratively speaking. Much thanx

  8. So because of your vids, so far, I’ve learned how to have financial freedom chase me, I found chasing that object was wrong & focusing on God daily then my job became a financial situation turned from labor to calculator, hey much thanx

  9. I want to monetize my knowledge and degree as a Registered Nurse that will both help and serve others all in one PASSION for ministering on a mental, physical & spiritual level. I want God directly in the Center because He's the ultimate blesser. His desire is that we be healthy in EVERY area of our lives!❤

  10. This borrowing from A and lending to B sounds so similar to a Ponzie Scheme . I obviously need to listen to this again. 😳

  11. How can I get a TShirt, I really enjoy listening and watching to you guys. Ay GOD BLESS YOU ALLS MARRIAGE.

  12. Are they millionaires? That's the million dollar question, lol!

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