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King is absolutely insane in With the inclusion of King, other heroes have been put on the back burner, and the increased critical rate affiliated with King’s Survivor Instinct skill helps King deal constant critical damage to just about everything on the screen.

Here’s a great combo, maybe the best combo in
Voidwaker Emblem
Eternal Gloves (alternative: Leather Gloves)

You can also try the Metal Neckguard with the energy cube and other passive effects in battle!

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  1. What weapon is better for him ?? Voidmaker or light chaser or it doesn't matter ??

  2. What’s the difference between normal attack and crit attack ?

  3. Can you buy king with 6k gems? Or will she be another $30 after the release?

  4. I knew lc would perfectly fit on this busted survivor

  5. Not gonna spend 1cent on this game. It's rather repetitive and I can't understand how long you are able to play this. Isn't it boring?

  6. So 100% crits a thing now? Can we get a miner character that gives extra gold and gems new heros seem useless otherwise

  7. I am f2p and i have a good progress in the game, i'm chapter 58 and i have a stuff full epic with 3 legendary, but i only use 2 of them, the 3rd is the shiny wristguard and i keep it to farm kills, i have the eternal gloves epic+1 and soon epic+2, i have around 31k ATK and 125k HP

  8. Would buy it but my luck is they nerf right after I purchase

  9. I think this character just broke the game

  10. I'm holding out for NUKE next season.
    NUKE will auto defeat all enemies with the mushroom 🚀 🍄 skill
    Only $99 (S Grade 🚀 ICBM sold separately 5000 gems required to select skill each game session)

  11. Could you make a video comparing your average ender's echo damage from multiple runs with King and with a 2nd hero? Like spend a week doing the same boss and do 1 run with king and 1 run with the other hero each day or something? That would give a really strong indicator of just how much more damage she does?

  12. Eternal gloves have a total +20% chance to crit. 10% for the excellent grade and an additional 10% for the legendary.

  13. Ya, they need to nerf crit rate all around if they want to it be a viable option without it being completely overpowered and broken. It should be hard to get even get a 50-70% crit rate, let alone 100%

  14. I wanna see you do The Farm or Factory mega challenge and see if you get messed up there with this build.

  15. Oh. Heroes are stronger day by day 😮 and its hurt my wallet

  16. Worm vs king in emders echo plsss thanks❤ more power

  17. Man I really wish I had this build. I'm excited to unlock king one day. Hopefully it doesn't get nerfed

  18. This is so crazy and 100% crit rate. Hope you get sixth sense but it's fine.

  19. Hello! I see in your newest videos wearing voidwaker emblem. Is it better than eternal necklace?? 🙂

  20. I think voidwaker sash is the better choice. It scales similar to the VW boots so it pairs well and at 12 minutes in waves will give you the VW sash proc every 5 seconds to grant immunity + instakill (which allows to kill 500 even quicker) permanently proccing until the final boss fight, so it would be 100x better than eternal belt? I haven't tried VW sash in red yet so maybe I'm missing something

  21. Hi, should I use void power with king or lightchaser?

  22. Is king good for ender's echo with light chaser?

  23. 3:30 Phasecast crit is 99% (the tower that is getting hit by the molotov)

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