The Best class in Cobalt Mode | -

The Best class in Cobalt Mode |

sv-98 gaming
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  1. you only got a high kill game cuz the room got filled to 80

  2. Im on touchpad and getting destroyed by people with gaming rigs smh

  3. Here since 900 subs, hope you can hit your goal 😀

  4. please tell me I want to go to your account but the game writes me this (Failed linking Google account.

    Account already in use!)what does it mean

  5. Sniper is my third favorite class after medic and tank

  6. Noob players in cobalt mode: select tank as a first class. A hacker ať 1:00 = use tank class

  7. i have an argument,
    1st off I like medic because you can do everything fast including healing so you dont waste any time which is the perk
    for sniper you have to kill them to get health back which if you dont play perfectly you will die
    I know what i am talking about for this because i have 3 31's in cobalt which are all medic class, when i have a 28 in 2nd place with sniper because a medic escaped into the zone and i couldnt make it to him, so when he died to the zone i gave up on the game. with medic i would have been able to catch up and heal going back into zone. sniper is better in some situations, but medic also comes with a bonesaw + the speed boost perk which makes it really op. if you real all the way through this you are pro now. get educated 8)

  8. 9:03 not gonna lie it kinda looked like aimbot. (Based on all the other footage I'm sure it's not, but it does resemble it quite remarkably)

  9. ihasyou doesn't even use mid he uses bandages

  10. I am From VIETNAMESE but I likes your Videos.😁😁😁😃

  11. Hey does anyone has a channel named"Mosin-Nagat gaming?

  12. M79 with 40mm: exists
    sv-98: I'm just gonna pretend that never existed

  13. Such a noob and bot. leaving all the good loot including flare and 15 scope

  14. Since no one else is gonna say it. THIS MUSIC IS FIRE BRO.

  15. hey the sniper good for long distance medic good to attack and scape tank resistance my favorites scout medic and demo

  16. What is this gay song?
    And by the way, I think one with nature and small arms is the best perk, you can do lots of trolling with it 😉

  17. Best class is sniper:
    Only if your aim is absolutely cracked

  18. Yeah, i use sniper all the time, takedown is op, and easily the best class.

  19. I want to see sv-98 gaming vs [EU]g0dak


    It would be cool

  20. 7:29 this is why headshots are stupid – RNG can literally ruin all skill in mere seconds.

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