The Best class in Cobalt Mode | -

The Best class in Cobalt Mode |

sv-98 gaming
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  1. Will you be able to do something other than surviv?

  2. In my opinion I think medic is still the best class in the game but I understand where your coming from takedown is such a good perk for solo squad but nice vid

  3. Me who uses the green one and medic ;-; i get 20+ kill games with them lol

  4. sv-98 gaming what server do you play on so we can do some duos

  5. I dont even use meds with sniper i might use an occasional bandage or soda in final zone but I just see it as a waste of time

  6. 1:03 Hacker: Hehe im going to win
    Sv-98 gaming: Are you sure about that nub

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