The best strategy combo set in -

The best strategy combo set in

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  1. you can use forcefield maxed and upgrade and guardian max and upgrades to sit afk

  2. The most painful thing in this video was the fact he didn’t skip Lucky Train TVT

  3. Personally I’d say that

    Fissure shield
    Magnetic darts
    Thunder cell
    Sorched earth

    Is a far better combo

  4. Bruh how do you deal so much damage? That's cheating but if you tell me then I will consider.

  5. They ripped off Nintendo big time with those bullet bills 😂😂😂

  6. close, but not the best one, i have one where you push the boss outside the boss ring and kills him without him touching you 😉 that is the best one, and i haven't seen anyone metion it anywhere

  7. This build basically makes you a juggernaut

  8. And shield and magnet pretty good to me

  9. I'm new the game today but that's not stage 1 it's a stage but hard to get the mode it's the hard one here look at this time to set that time for us I got the butter fly's it's really hard should I spam for him?

  10. Guys and brahhs what more games are you playing ? I could make videos of your favourite games .

  11. The actually best strat will be 2 drones where getting both of them to 5 stars free ups an extra buff slot; soccer balls(nothing beats these on raw damage); wheel of death to block bullets and push everything back; hi-power bullet with or without the evo weapon as it just increases dmg by 50 percent for everything which is too useful; lightning which has best area of affect and does more than Molotov from all of the stages I've cleared up to; and finally signature weapon and either rocket or brick depending on which one you need. I personally go for brick as hp is pretty useful.

  12. Imma be honest the force field is prob my favorite item in the game especially when you get it maxed

  13. Bro always get forcefield first the best starting weapon

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