THE BEST SURVIV.IO PLAYER IN THE WORLD? Solo vs Squads Insane Livestream Highlights - Battle Royale -

THE BEST SURVIV.IO PLAYER IN THE WORLD? Solo vs Squads Insane Livestream Highlights – Battle Royale

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I’ve seen many great players but Mr.Bloodie was insanely good. Think you are better? Join a future team and show everyone!

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Play the game: survivio surviv battle royale, 15x scope, ghillie suit, best weapon, qbb-98 awc garand rare loot, frying pan.


  1. Cosmic is the best squad they get 56kills in squads

  2. I never seen such nub players in my life what server do you play on? Accuracy is alright, gernade skills better then me, people playing against nubs! Lol.

  3. sonho em algum dia ir X1 com VOCÊ iHASYOU

  4. Mr bloodies technique looked to be throwing a frag as a distraction and the shoot the doofus who went after him

  5. Ihasyou I hope you remember me my user name (surviv) is conscript£

  6. im ok at this game i have 342 wins and my kd is 3.2 games played is 2,849 think i have a chance to beat MR.bloodie even if it is small

  7. me favorite comercial is in the chiken road

  8. Dope Video , but I am better, Waay better lol I get like 15 kills a game; nice way to promote your streams tho.

  9. 1:34 I was like bruh he was just acting like me (I go into the red zone where's there's only like 5 players left trying to collect loot but accidently kill myself)

  10. lmfao no there is alot more better players than him like zdesmos, whale, saadz and unknownguy

  11. dude you squad kills is 12 kills and these are specifically taken out to show the best. ive gotten better on solo! 15 kills

  12. i will get an account so i can get better records.

  13. no!!! ihasyou do you note that you do more kills than him

  14. kk viideo foda

  15. Can anyone tell the name of those songs plzzzz
    Cuz they are really good

  16. I play on iPad and I’m much better than him I can wipe out a whole lobby if they didn’t kill each other lol by myself

  17. And I’m also much better than mr bloody lol

  18. Ese es me Blooddie el mejor YouTube de chile aguante greimor

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