The Console Experience | Risk of Rain 2 -

The Console Experience | Risk of Rain 2

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  1. This seemed pretty easy guys. Has it been a skill issue this whole time?

  2. mr raymond daniel really just flexed on every console player

  3. The “bind jump to R3” is based on the fact that both the A button and right stick use your right thumb, so you cant do both at the same time

    I solved this on my steam deck with tilt controls activated by me holding A for the purpose of arti hover, but its good to swap binds on controller to be more efficient

  4. Im going to have to say, as a console player, this mod is a little over tune. We have it bad but not this bad.

  5. I play console, and I have never seen some of these bugs, so they are probably a side effect of the mod. Also, it sounds weird, but motion really helps with aiming. It's not available on all systems, and I doubt the mod you are using has it, but if you are pressured into playing switch, give it a try.

  6. As someone who does eclipse on a 7 year old switch with 30fps max, it is definitely something

  7. Fun fact about console despite what people say, you can actually roll pots.

    Just only in multiplayer when you're not host.

  8. The only issues ive really had with playing Console are

    Not Pot Rolling
    Semi-weird to play Loader since its hard to do the camera grapple hook tech, Ironically Railgunner feels great to aim
    Enemies just fall into the backrooms sometimes, but ive been saved from Clay Dunestrider swarms from them falling out of reality

  9. Leeching seed healing 50 hp per ballista hit, sticky bombs proc-ing other sticky bombs, getting 30 bleed stacks from one ballista on stage 3, and of course falling below the map 24/7…

    console seems great!

    PS; my guess even though I don't know for certain is that the proc-coefficients are messed up, and although that can obviously be seen in stuff like sticky bombs, it might effect things that already have 1.0 like ballista, which would explain the 50hp from leeching seed (100 proc coefficient!??!?)

  10. This must not actually be console gameplay cause we don’t have any of these issues into the video

  11. My god, someone actually did it, they modded console into PC, the dream is real

  12. Raydans will probably have to console-t (consult) a therapist after this. If the council of console players don't counsel him first, of course.

  13. Here, I'm going to name just some pre dlc console bug that I know about

    1. Procnull this bug has three different variations.

    The first is, when loading into the next stage, you have a random change to not take any damage from most enemies and any other damage sourc.

    The second is upon loading into the stage, the pre spawned enemies have a chance to become immune to most survivors, and equipment proc affects even stuff like Rex weak if effected, but Acrid poison still work's. There are only a few exceptions, like multi stun grenade and one or two more

    The last one is upon loading in the stage. Every enemy is immune to proc affects
    ( Note that pronull will never happen stage one )

    2. Loader thunderslam is tied to the main volume, meaning that it is really loud. ( Note that Gear Box still hasn't fixed this even with the dlc )

    3. Mercenary exposed doesn't proc in multiplayer if you're not host

    4. Headstomers Just won't do damage if you're not hosted in multiplayer.

    5. Wandering Vagrants explosion radius expansion a lot faster and more than it should, making it a guessing game if you were further enough away.

    6. Clay Dunestrider gets push back by Rexes weak ability alot more than they should making it really easy to get his unlock.

    (I can more should I?)

  14. Ah, it's nice to see someone struggle with the controller.

    And then there's me where I just can't use a keyboard, lol. Mouse aim is fine, it's just I can't touch type so idk what I'm pressing 99% of the time.

  15. I play console, and while it's not this bad, it does get bad sometimes

  16. The only serious game breaking bug I experience on console is fall damage not being blocked by safer spaces.
    Yeah, I can't pot roll, but the game is in SIGNIFICANTLY better state than pre dlc patch.
    I have never fallen through the map, but enemies will constantly and I'm not going to complain about that.
    Also, XI constructs are very funny to fight on console. I don't think their laser has ever touched me it's so bad.

  17. 2:05 as a console player, yep thats legitimently happened before. Ive gone to slide and went straight through the map

  18. Console is not this buggy, so I assume that it's the mod. However, I do notice that enemies can sometimes fall through the map. The items also don't always show what gets scrapped when you use a printer.

  19. My jump for almost all of my games is r3 as well XD it’s huge for movement for some games.

  20. Man, whoever suggested you play with Controller must really suck

  21. As a casual console player who has only beaten monsoon a handful of times, I have never successfully rolled a pot, and have been killed by bugs in pretty much half my runs anyways /:

  22. This is alot like console before the recent patches and updates. Especially drones being borderline useless. They just circle around you and bump into you every 2 seconds and barely ever heal you. Getting drones would just hinder you and block your shots half the time

  23. glad to know the scariest pre console dlc bug elites spawning the moment you leave moon cave is well represented.

    was going crazy when you decided to take dml instead of pillar skip lol

  24. Console is not that bad I've only softlocked in mithrix once

  25. I'm glad you had to experience the moon goon firing squad that happens on commencement. Before the switch had DLC the director would use all it's credits on elite chimera's as soon as you stepped out of the cave and would simply execute you. You could have a solid run and just get terminated in two seconds by 7 overloading chimera wisps before you even saw the cauldrons.

  26. Dan, if you LbvLbr play consolLb, remember to not mix up e and Lb. I would nLbvLbr. Wait…

  27. As a console player, I can confirm this is exactly what we experience. The only thing the mod got wrong however is if we die in the game we die in real life.

  28. 12:40 I think all three ballistas activated stomb making the damage insane

  29. I honestly like console more, just cause larva and void infestors fall through the floor CONSTANTLY

  30. i think this mod is pre dlc bugs. is there a mod for post dlc bugs?

  31. that was actually painful to watch somehow

  32. As a console player my game has run nothing but smoothly with only the occasional lag and the inability to roll pots so this mod is way off for me

    Edit:also proc chance is not the good ever

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