THE END OF HACKERS #2! (Prestige update) | -

THE END OF HACKERS #2! (Prestige update) |

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The end of hackers is coming soon ! The prestige system has been updated !


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  1. oh really i didn't realize that before and then report the hackers and give more prestige to pros XDDDDDD🥳🥳

  2. This new update is good but the bad thing is that most hackers don't have an account.

  3. actually hackers like me dont care if we lose or have some ill be honest its fun hacking

  4. I was find a hammer and I look long time for eye crate . And I finally find eye crate at map . Eye crate was at in red zone . And break for AWP (my dream ) And I broke I find M9 gun

  5. if kong only bans the account then it does nothing cuz u dont need an account to actually play. If kong really wants to get rid of hacks then develop some practical anti cheat or sue icehacks smh

  6. Hi my surviv name is $CRIPTIC$ and I am a english player. I play on North American servers and you are my surviv idle! I hope you read this! I want to start a channel! Maybe if I get better we can do a colab! Keep it up I love ur vids! Read this!

  7. The thing is i am a skillful player but people think I hack so when I do get a prestige, another random kid just things i am hacking and then reports me because i killed them

  8. The problem is the hackers creates alts and they if they got banned they just create new account


  10. sin duda uno de los mejores videos de Gamerio

  11. I counted. It took at least 63 kills(shown onscreen) to get prestige 10
    also question gamerio, how many minus prestiges did u get(from people thinking ur hacking)
    great vid too!

  12. 0:18If i get killed by Gamerio, i will vote Skillful player(But i am in AS so impossible

  13. Ah… I wish my prestige could go up and not down coz of the salty hackers and players XD

  14. thx i have 3- prestige why? i m killing in no hack -_-

  15. i have -5 prestige. I an an og player and kids are raging that i killed them. btw i have 500 wins and 10000 kills with 3500 deaths

  16. Hacker can sniping you in 8x , when he spin you miss behind hacker fist & shotgun, hacker spin at well!

  17. hello gamerio everything is the fault of the videos that say how hacker 😡😡

  18. Dudo que sean hakers estaras celoso de que te derroten 😑

  19. Bro you dont know also the hacker are smart because the hackers hack gameplay without account

  20. La otra vez ví un vídeo de un hacker y tenía más de -20 de prestigio. 😅🙄

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