THE END OF HACKERS #2! (Prestige update) | -

THE END OF HACKERS #2! (Prestige update) |

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The end of hackers is coming soon ! The prestige system has been updated !


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  1. The problem is that after this update 4 little kids have reported me… so i have -4 prestige

  2. This system is useless bc ppl will report you even if ur not hacking

  3. People think "he hacker(it's me)" but I'm not hacker 😭😭

  4. I think hackers are noobs because noob can't win battle so they hack to get ez win

  5. still not the end there is still some guys like surviv# 1234 … i cant report them 😠😠

  6. Idk if this update is really gonna do anything much. Even if someone's account gets banned for hacking or whatever the reason is, it doesn't take long to make another account and start playing again. Kong should have a proper effective system of doing things but instead they make random updates that they hope will get rid of issues but doesn't do anything in the end.

  7. Someone designed me what the recorder of the cobalt mod that is not in the bunker is for

  8. Because of you GAMERIO people starting using the prestige system again

  9. I can report them bc i cant get back into my account, it just says this account is taken im so frusterated.

  10. Hey im gonna start a youtube chanel in 2 month what name do you propose
    or gamerio if he see this comment
    all subscribe to gamerio channel because he is the best.

  11. I not use hacks but I have -1 prestige 🙁

  12. Prestige is dumb I have -17 after 3 days of coming back to pubs because I’m better than these salty kids.

  13. Some stupid guys reporte me and i am not a hacker i just kill them cause i am pro now i am -3 prestige :(((

  14. hi gamer I was playing until I found you and my team killed you the guy called LUKA is me bro first time I played against a youtuber and I'm subscribed now bro

  15. 0:23 why is griefing/harassing an option? thats possible in surviv???

  16. Hey sorry man but I just killed you in solos potato mode at 8:45pm on 2/11/2021, hope it makes the next vid you were really good…

  17. Let's be honest, Kong will never ban these hackers for sure.

  18. Thier should be a reward for going up by every 10 prestges

  19. Omg i love this game btw i destroyed you in brawl to the stars
    My Name is Timmi has the bogen raus

  20. Me to I hope hacks end banned Im mobile player with sniper

  21. And I'm youtuber surviv some times do new videos games

  22. i got hacks cause of these hackers i always got killed but i deleted my hacks because i dont like them there so weird and i noticed i play better without them

  23. Other people: Watch this video.
    Me: Listen to music in it.

    GAMERIO:Thank You!

  25. they should add prestige based matchmaking so hackers play with other hackers

  26. Very nice update. Did you get any of those top prestige rewards?

  27. Now that's a pro player…. Absolutely Amazing Video! Your A Skilled player! I'm very happy when I watch your videos! GAMERIO I know your channel is gonna grow and become something big one day.. I know it.

  28. عالی هستی من تا به حال یک بار با شما هم تیمی بودم خیلی خوب بازی میکنید خیلی خوشحال شدم که تونستم یکبار با شما هم تیمی بودم موفق باشید

  29. nice video kunnen we op elkaar abonneren zo support😆👍

  30. Is it free to create account in surviv?

  31. акстати ты сможэш сделать видио всурви ио спранками ?

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