The End of -

The End of

Blake Izayoi
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It’s been announced that is being sunset. Join me in one last final gameplay.

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  1. I was very bussy with University and after a year I remember I liked this game, and.. what a shame. Those 4 squads where amazing. SO many memories. Gone. So sad.

  2. I stopped playing this game shortly after kongregates first few horrible updates… several months ago i found out it shut down and ive thought about it so often since. such a nice game and discord i had so much fun on back when it was huge and i was young and now i can never play it again… to have those days and memories taken from me is rough

  3. I know it's really late at this point but i want to comment this:Girls with a time machine: OMG i can meet my great grandma now!Me with a time machine: WAIT! NO! JUSTIN, NICK DON'T SELL THE GAME TO KONGREGATE THEY ARE GOING TO RUIN EVERYTHING!!I really wish Justin and Nick could get the game back, and maybe, they could bring the game back to its golden years.

  4. Weird seeing gameplay after not playing for so long. The sound FX are really nostalgic to me.

  5. Surviv died, I feel sad, but also happy to have been part of this community, from the beginning of the game to its closure. I will miss him forever 🙁
    I am from latam, thanks for the info.

  6. The fact that Justin and nick tried to buy it back but Kongregate still refuses to give it to anyone even though it has no value to them. They are honestly the worst run company I’ve ever seen.

  7. Kong finally did it. They killed off one of the greatest io games of all time… R.I.P. surviv, you will never be forgotten 😞

  8. it's nice seeing an adult talk about this. Wtf is Kong doing

  9. could we basically spam people at Kong to try to get them to give the game back to the OG owners?

  10. And yeah i feel you on the part where you said Surviv was great because you could just pop in and pop out and it was almost kind of casual. I'm not someone who can spend hours a day on a game and so i'm not really "good" but Surviv was still fun

  11. You should make a rewind. One final epic surviv rewind of all the best & worst things to ever happen to the game/in the game, gamebreaking glitches and clan wars… Just everything. Basically you should make a video where you tell the story of surviv. It's yet another awesome game getting deleted. So many have started being deleted since 2021 tbh. Unless it's too much work or you just don't want to, but otherwise it's a great idea.

  12. Haven’t seen you since you left PlayStation. How u been man?

  13. F888, this background hit me, i'm falling, all my childhood….

  14. Very sad to see a game with so much potential being thrown into the trash over time, and the worst part was that this was to be expected, due to the situation of the game.

  15. UPDATE: im creating my own version of surviv io on roblox; the only difference is the graphics which is 3d top view: If anyone wants to help me test the game i would definitely appreciate it. The game mechanics and game aspect will be nearly the exact same. I WONT LET SURVIV DIE

  16. I played that game many hours during the lockdwon Times in 2020 and 2021, with some Friends. Great Times. Easily in my Top 3 Multiplayer Gaming-Experiences. But it's dead for many months now. Sadly. We all miss playing it, from time to time.

  17. Its not the end if we still fight for our game

  18. A couple "corrections" about the CM stuff I'd like to point out, from a Discord mods perspective:
    1. Libby didn't have any say on development. Blaming her for the game getting worse is like blaming the weather reporter for a tornado. She was TERRIBLE for the community, yes, but she had very little impact on the game.

    2. Sam was actually decent. They weren't as active publicly as Libby but they actually did stuff that we asked them to. I don't know how modding under Libby was but according to the people who were mods before me it wasn't good. Sam did pass along things to the devs to my knowledge, but it was kind of only if we (the mod team) pushed for it. And the only things that seemed to go through were critical things like when people found a backdoor into the dev servers.

    3. BEARD was the CM who did nothing. Sam got replaced for unknown reasons, even to us, and then this dude came in and to the best of my knowledge didn't speak in public ONCE. Even in the mod chat he pretty much never talked or responded to pings.

  19. I used to play this when i was 8.. now i am 10. Rip surviv you will be in my memories forecer

  20. GoodBye surviv io😭😥😭😥😭😭😭

  21. I remember when i would be soooo happy if i was a good role in 50v50!!! i would be sooo mad if i had a bad role :(… sadly that won't happen anymore. btw new subscriber!!

  22. it was my fav game when i was 9 and now im 13 and its shutdown

  23. I was just checking out this game again since I haven’t gave it any thought since hearing kongregate took over, and it’s honestly really disappointing to see this, but I guess it was inevitable. This game changed me a lot, especially with the community, and while looking back a lot of things I regret, I do miss a lot of things about the game and people. I’ve changed so much since I started playing & since I finally stopped interacting with the community. I do wish I stayed a little bit since I am curious to see what all the people I met are doing now. I wish I had checked to see what is happening in the community just a few months earlier before the game was shut down too. It’s bittersweet seeing a game and community I invested so much time in die, and it’s also just so crazy to see how I’ve gone from being in middle school to almost an adult.

  24. Just imagine what the original creators of surviv are thinking right now… they must be so ashamed of kongregate. I will never forget thoose times coming home from school and beeing so exited to play, and when a update dropped i always got so hyped… rip surviv, my all time fav .io game

  25. This is so sad, this game was a part of my life and then, boom kongragete destroyed it and now the only game that is still carrying this 2D style is Zombie royale

  26. I can’t stand corrupt and grotesque companies that shut down good things and then proceed promote their cash grab second made games. Actually Fu€£ congregate.

  27. “A neglected village is worse than a broken one” -Clasharama

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