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Like: 448 started cycling over past Seasons, which means there will never be a new season! And the game will possibly never be updated, and will die…

3 epic and (old) games of desert with 19 kills!



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  1. emm… I am a Asia player, but why I can't log in to play game?

  2. which server you play and are these clips from gameplay of 2022?

  3. 👆 – HOT GIRLS PICS FOR YOU 👄💥j💥

  4. its sad but i suppose we get a flash of nostalgia from the rewards and skins

  5. They didn't even bother to add back halloween bruh

  6. It’s very sad iLife this game a lot it takes me feel good and happy

  7. It’s very sad iLife this game a lot it takes me feel good and happy

  8. [YT]LEGENDHK香港無敵戰神 [lev 221] says:

    I have a new game to play

  9. i was really worried that gamerio would stop uploading surviv vids lmao
    (how is ur lobby so full btw)

  10. Noooo, amaba el juego que triste que haya terminado así 😭😭😭

  11. IM sad about that😭😭😭😭😭

  12. Ваш Отчим (EN) / Check out my playlists / says:

    I still hated this game because of delay. And problems with the teammate. And such a lot of lucky noobs and pros.

  13. Why did Kong bother buying surviv if they were going to kill it

  14. goodbye surviv – the best game i have ever played 😥😥

  15. Oigan lo bueno que se puede conseguir de la temporada 1 xd

  16. Creo que termino así por el bug. Yo también me iba a ir asta que vi tu video.

  17. This can’t be true I left surviv like half a year ago because i somehow couldn’t get a game… kongragte is killing surviv

  18. The game of my childhood, but i left it because it was laggy for me so eh, but i actually loved the game damn

  19. It's so sad but thx that you will upload more love u gamerio

  20. As a Vietnamese who used to DEVOTE my life into the game back in 2017-2020 and watched your content a lot back in 2019, I trully missed the gud old times i had with surviv.
    I remember my first time holding a m249, the first time getting a (lucky) solo win. And then the first time playing an event (easter event). I was bad at the game, even till late 2019, but I could play it for hours and hours everytime a new update dropped when the community was still absent of cheaters and toxicity, everytime my friends, who I have now been seperated from by my studying abroad, shared a team code and play squad with me. I was playing on my iphone 5s when the river update suddenly dropped and i was so happy to find a yellow hut. My mind was blown when I saw Dopemope's early leak of the 50v50 event from beta server, and I remember being so hype about the update when I saw the event-exclusive theme. And so on…
    Surviv is like a reflection of my life, of how I progressively got better at the game with every update passed and how my real life, my mentality was getting worse as I sunk deeper into the virtual world. Seeing how the first desert event was just a normal map with a few extra structures and how it is objectively one of the best gamemode now. Seeing how dual m870 was the most op combo in the game. Seeing how HK 416 was changed into M416. Seeing how Glock 18C was changed to G18C. Seeing all the sprite changes, and so on. All the subtle changes that the Justin and the original Devs made to perfect the game was like me trying to grow up from a primary school student to a junior high schooler, trying to improve my life while occasionally making mistakes.

    I would say Im grateful for the experience Surviv gave me. There were ofc bad memories associated with the game and I wouldnt say I want to go back in time just to enjoy the game again. But thank you for being part of my childhood, and thank you Gamerio to stick with the game for so long, even when its already nothing but a husk of its formal glory.
    Thank you

    Ok time to go back to my Chemistry assessment which is due the next day 🙂

  21. Plot twist: Kongregate care about the new guys, so it decided to cycle the old seasons (if they ARE making season 13, it's still unconfirmed tho)

  22. Even if the survivr pass is over, don't "die", make more videos& we love your Surviv content!

  23. The game has not finished, it is in the middle of patching, that is why the season will not be launched in a few days, but well, the next season will be a little delayed

  24. This actually have gone this way, I cannot log in my acc since 502

  25. Finally, so long my highkill account…😭😭

  26. I remember playing it all the time, there used to be thousands of players in North America

  27. i dont play previous season
    so i enjoy
    but gamerio cannot

  28. but gamerio is amazing
    i see your all videos

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