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Probably the last srvv. video (on any channel ever?)
The original unedited footage from when the video project started:

thx to üjjo, razza n fílip for the edits. (also kristoprops)

Some other upload(s) in the next days/weeks/… planned



  1. whats ur video editor? ur vids have inspired me to start making vids

  2. been watching ya for a long fuckin time before you did all the edits and probably sub 200 subs (yea that old) and its been nice watching you grow and get better you are most of the reason why I started over clockin and emote sniping and hitting wallbangs and such

  3. hey man, I think you got some gameplay in the editing effects, but cool.

  4. yoooo g0dak with the godly edits n clips again!!!!

  5. Welp, time to make content with battle dudes

  6. These edit always hit hard ,hope for a comeback video

  7. That's so s1d they ruined one of my favorite game !!!!

  8. rip ggs. It was always a fun game to play with the boiz. F kong

  9. After i watched this video… I felt what person i am now, and what person i used to be..

  10. aaaaaaaaaand g0dak vs l0r0s editing skills once again strikes back nostalgias

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