The F2P Mega Challenge - Can You Beat It? ( -

The F2P Mega Challenge – Can You Beat It? (

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I was asked to equip all blue equipment and take on the Farm Challenge, one of the newest Mega Challenges in #Survivorio, and here’s what happened… Can a “Whale” beat a free-to-play challenge?

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  1. Someone please tell me what ‘F2P’ is and how to get it

  2. I quit art of war a couple of months before you did and started playing this game. I think its awesome I just found out that you transitioned to the same mobile game I did so now I am watching these vids instead of art of war.Not the highest chances. Keep up the good work broski

  3. Hello? I fcknin get green weapon when using gold key wtf?

  4. It's so FAKE, how can you have crit damage using blue gears

  5. would be helpfull if not a 3000attack. Try this with 1k, at least 1.5k

  6. A noob question but when it says “mobs don’t flinch” does that mean the knock back effect is negated?

  7. No hate but I got as a free to play player a Epic Lightchaser+1

  8. Mobs don't flinch. Proceeds to pick every flinch skill.

  9. I did it with 1 s gear void power full purple i now have a gold full metal suit and kunai

  10. Your equipment does not affect your stats in Mega challenges sooooo…

  11. this challenge was extremely easy once i got void power weapon:)

  12. Bro I can’t do it I had 4 secs until boss I had 50% less dmg and 2x health and I had no tokens and 20 gems I tossed my phone at the wall in at get as I had a amassing run but all of the hogs

  13. Next time, can you do it with all gray gear?

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