THE GIFT - A Short Film (Winter Update and 50 vs 50 Gameplay) -

THE GIFT – A Short Film (Winter Update and 50 vs 50 Gameplay)

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THE GIFT – A Short Film (Winter Update and 50 vs 50 Gameplay)

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0:00 The Gift – A Short Film
3:06 50 vs 50 Gameplay Highlights


  1. 8:58 the lone survivor red at the end it's me LAVEO IHASYOU thank you for this video is thank you for reporting the hacker.🎁

  2. i love the game surviv io this fim is best fim ever

  3. Thanks IHASYOU for bringing back just a little bit of surviv! Hope you do more!

  4. who does not subscribe to this on the stack (*^_^*)

  5. You can hear ihasyou not having fun like he used to 🙁

  6. pls give a PKP for christmas 😂😂👌[legend]

  7. I got 15 scop w Times but I killed someone to get it and again got it but the game glitched I was gona record but it stoped dont know why surviv glitches so much

  8. I'm seeing a hacker at least every match i play


  10. That guy who wants PKP just came in to Santa’s house lol 😂

  11. 0:15 lmfao, the surviv default, all i want for christmassss is a PKP, a PKP baby

  12. 9:90 its hecak weird, cuz in 50 vs 50 the hackers hacks lock on to their own teammates lmfao

  13. I just Realized Santa got presents by murdering and robbing others

  14. Forgive All Your BackStabbers - FAUBS says:

    50v50 should be available every day, not only once a week….
    Love 50v50 MEDIC

  15. Let's make it snow!
    **the very next day
    Winter mode is here!

    P.S. IHASYOU your videos are really good and you put a lot of effort in to them. Thank you!

  16. use the report system.
    Also, can you review the black market and the prestige please?

  17. everyone knows you have to start small. I'm asking Santa for a m9

  18. Happy holidays everyone, and merry Christmas to you iHASYOU 🎁!!!

  19. here since the og days of surviv and ive been in one of ur vids ages ago when u got a 20 bomb. the name was faze tryhard, a bit cringe so i changed it. 😬 i stop for a bit in the middle and recently came back and holy crap is it different

  20. I respect this channel for his hate of hackers and aimbots.

  21. Since when did iHASYOU do voiceovers LMAO! I remember watching his videos every day two years ago and there was nothing like this.

  22. thank god…4 Xmas this year u got verified :DDDDD

  23. 9:10 what's the name of the music and if not you can do a LIVE

  24. 9:18 the red lone surviv is me LAVEO yur vidéo is so cool iHASYOU but what is the name of this music at 9:15 please.😉

  25. 9:11 LAVEO red lone surviv Kill Hacker lol GG LAVEO iHASYOU Watis the name of this Music please at 9:11 .

  26. 9:11 is LAVEO kill the haker yes haker died GG iHASYOU NICE Video

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