The Grenadier | 50v50 Mode Gameplay | -

The Grenadier | 50v50 Mode Gameplay |

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Leader & Medic & Bugler & Lone Survivr gamplays:
For more 50v50 roles:

0:00 – Intro
0:20 – Info
0:28 – blue grenadier
2:40 – another grenadier
5:03 – normal 50v50
7:36 – subscribe!

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Song: Ship Wrek, Zookeepers & Trauzers – Vessel [NCS Release]
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  1. what is your favorite/"overpowered" combo in desert mode?

  2. JUST watcched ur 50v50 gameplay then u uploaded this XD

  3. Thanks for watching everyone! Hope you enjoyed today's grenadier video

    Whoops wrong account gotta switch back to Jokesta Play's account my bad

  4. Just so you know you spelled another wrong in the timestamps

  5. which is better grenade or mrv grenade or mine or smoke


  7. Yes i love a grenadier 🥰🥰🤩🤩😍😍

  8. Jokesta when you record you have lag or something

  9. when jokesta get a grenadier it's not a 50v50 anyymore it's a massacre :))

  10. congrats on 2.5k subscribers also boys lets get jokesta to 3k subscribers he deserves it!

  11. My mom won’t let me play surviv io 🙁 😭😭😭

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