The Inevitable Death of -

The Inevitable Death of

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The Inevitable Death of went from being one of the most popular io games of all time to completely dead with no player base. What happened, in this video you’ll find out.
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  1. Just imagine what the original creators of surviv are thinking right now… they must be so ashamed of kongregate. I will never forget thoose times coming home from school and beeing so exited to play, and when a update dropped i always got so hyped… rip surviv, my all time fav .io game

  2. from the ashes, the phoenix rises. RIP the old surviv, may the reboot thrive in her place.

  3. even when Kongregate did make updates they were generally pretty bad so i guess that helped

  4. Writing this now after the servers fully shut off. I can't tell for sure what killed the game although I know we’d all like to blame it on Kongregate. They just kind of ruined the game with skins, a battle pass, and all the stupid shit newer games are obsessed with and lost sight of what people really liked.It left a sort of stink on surviv that forever tainted the game after their paws got on it. And everyone sensed it. Some day soon I might try to make my own browser game. One with the heart of surviv to try and avenge the game I spent so much time playing.

  5. as of feb. 13 2023 surviv io is officially cancelled

  6. Thank you, I'll say goodbye soon

    Though its the end of the world

    Don't blame yourself now

    And if its true

    I will surround you and give life to a world

    That's our own…….

    Had some great memories of this game, and even though I only checked it once in a while later on, I still had the skill. Maybe that part is really what never will be different, besides my memories with Potato mode and 50vs50

  7. Why did they shut it down? It still had an active player base.

  8. I would say december cobalt was what I personally considered as the peak of surviv, but they sold it straight away and everything fell apart. I first-handly experienced being desperate for surviv 2020 to 2021. Really sad when you stop seeing the new surviv vids in your feed, and when you search up surviv on yt it gives you a completely different game. I gave up on the game last year and haven't really played ever since, but still sad that it's actually going to be made unplayable in a few days. Remember when hackers were so prevalent in 2020? Well I wish they are back now, because a lobby full of hackers is better than a lobby that has 5 players. I still have a few g of surviv clips I recorded back in 2019 when I wanted to be a youtuber in the future. Thanks for the video!

  9. Thank you so much for making this video, i used to play this game for hours on end and played it for years. I even a few times played with IHASYOU in the early days. This game was so much fun and im sad sad to see its gone

  10. I used to play a lot back in 2018 and 2019 miss those days a lot

  11. It was a fun ride. Now I must go ride once more before it gets shut down.

  12. I can't believe I remember this game from the very beginning, and now she's dead, tell me if everything is hopeless here, maybe she can still be saved, tell someone

  13. Old member of the community from the main discord here. Shame to see the game die. Quit myself after contact mode.

  14. Well done mate, very well done. It’s obvious how much work went into this video, between the script writing and getting the appropriate clips.

  15. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooi want surviv back its my life 😔💔😢

  16. Rest In Peace for surviv. It is still my favorite game but there is nothing I can do keep it going. So long surviv🫡

  17. Such a good video that it made me rep 70 pounds on chest press 😎😱😫

  18. Rip Surviv Io. Rest in our Heart! And also thank for all Surviv youtubers, u dont forget me ♥️

  19. To be honest I kind of just forgot about the game entirely lol

  20. Great Written

    -good line

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