The Inevitable Death of -

The Inevitable Death of

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The Inevitable Death of went from being one of the most popular io games of all time to completely dead with no player base. What happened, in this video you’ll find out.
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  1. Yo bro this might sound weird but I’m trying to get a support a creator code for Fortnite but I don’t have 1k on yt can I use your acc for it

  2. This breaks my heart, I grew up playing this and I stop for like a year and now am back just to know that it has been deleted 😞💔

  3. I remember playing this game in 3rd and 4th grade (I'm in 7th) its really sad how it has fallen apart. I think there's like a newer game that is a beta called surio or something I played it and it was not like the original: (

  4. im like 2018-2019 i a was playing this game everyday i was very good i think. soemtimes times i was wining some solo squad matches it was so fun. The 50×50 mode was realy coll as well. I played the game since the start and i remember each time there was a new bulding. A realy good game that is dead now. Sorry for my bad english

  5. going to surviv and its proxy sites takes you to a random game called bitheroesarena owned by kongregate now.

  6. i think it would have suvived wayyy longer without kongreagate and a nice anti hack team.

  7. Surviv will be missed hopefully the old owners can get the game back and fix it up wont happen but quick switching will be missed

  8. Bro some one bought it and made it so trash oike tf

  9. The potato mode was the most exciting mode

  10. cant blieve it is gone…. survivio was my hole childhood….. my name was rear hole inhale if n e 1 remembers me…. been playing since i was 3 years old my dad taught me how 2 plaid…….

  11. bro never once did i ever run into a hacker over 2 years of playin wtf

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