THE INFECTION IS SPREADING! Hacking in + Funny Moments! -

THE INFECTION IS SPREADING! Hacking in + Funny Moments!

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Like: 447 We need to stop these hackers! Aimbot/ Scripts
I have recently been encountering tons of hackers in! This video is dedicated to these fools… I hope everyone can have a laugh and enjoy!

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Music Titles Used in Video:

Ascence – Without You

Diviners – Stockholm Lights

Idyll – Peyruis [AL Release]




“Wash your hands”


  1. Nice video! Are you going to be uploading moomoo videos any time soon?

  2. what screen recorder do u use?
    and editing software?

  3. I am fan of you since your “ social experiment” video you made 3 years ago!

  4. Hackers too noobs they can't play because they not have skills

  5. Your content is pretty good. I was one of the people who asked for your YT on Among Us

  6. If someone starts punching you like crazy, use your melee and hope for the best.

  7. 0:53 I thought he was already saying it but I couldn't hear so I turned volume to 100 and the "I gay" part blasted across my room xD

  8. Light Thief plz don't give up on I have a trash ass computer that always lagging and I still play everyday

  9. Amazing vid, but just wondering what screen recorder do you use? I have a small channel as well and I want to make it better, starting off with a better screen recorder.

  10. Yes I have just heard about the new virus, i dunno why they worry tho, its just a bottle

  11. Ur edits r good, what editing software do u use?

  12. I think i get a new job

    Killing hackers!!!

  13. wow nice video bro
    hope u do well on your other vids

  14. We need a melee unlock guide. I hope you agree with me and if you do then reply or like. It makes me feel proud

  15. 0:05 😂😂😂😂

    Btw, there’s another virus spreading…

    It’s about TEAMERS!!!

  16. Theres a virus on moomoo io the hacker virus they use hacks cuz they lazy to use skillz

  17. We need to DELETE hacker!!!! If your friend hacked,then tell your friend!

  18. Surid-630 Is Too OP But No Match For Suriv-Cleaner Use This #Suriv.io2InfectionSpreayedDelelted

  19. I fail to see how this is relevant, I may be wrong right now and you can totally tell me so but this is just people having hack clients or just being good at the game. No infection whatsoever.

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