The LEGENDARY Revolver Gets INSANE CRITS With This Buff! -

The LEGENDARY Revolver Gets INSANE CRITS With This Buff!

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Let’s test the legendary grade revolver in in the daily challenge using the Headon buff to see how much damage we can deal and how high we can get our crits. Experience the thrill of classic contra online play games.

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  1. When are you going to try the astral forge 4 for the revolver

  2. To EVERYONE complaining about crowd control:You DON'T NEED IT. Just pick other good crowd control abilities. Quantum Ball, Fuel Barrels, Destroyer etc. With the 50% extra dmg from High Power Bullets they will easily take care of the trash mobs. Revolver is all you need to easily take care of all bosses and mini bosses, making it easy to level up the rest of your crowd control skills and passives

  3. Jesus Christ u gotta try this on enders echo I would do it myself but I dont even have an excellent revolver and only 25k attack

  4. Oh my god
    I just understand why a guy on the subreddit decided to make revolver red first lol

    Ik it gets a 200% atk buff here but still

  5. Sheeeesh. I like that damage output. But I hate that weapon. I'll continue to use it as an upgrade slave until I get red weapons.

  6. What do u think is the best boss killer? Red shuriken, red minigun or red reaper?

  7. Are you going to try the revolver in enders echo

  8. so it says small explotion when enemy is hit, and that means that there will be a small explosion when an enemy is hit – phasecast 2023

  9. They steal all their quotes from over watch lol

  10. The fact that you had to revive 4xs shows how bad revolver is

  11. Do you have a video on tips for the daily Enders Echo? My score is garbage compared to the top 10. I’m at Chapter 26, weapon and armor are decent

  12. Need a fair competition with all the red weapons… Calculate the . DPS

  13. The revolver got a massive buff in one of the recent patches. It used to be capped at 999,999 per hit

  14. Revolver is in my opinion the very worst weapon in the entire game.
    One target at a time, extremely narrow accuracy with no crowd control, and it’s EVO is the worst in the game as well. You get two revolvers, which COULD have been excellent, but instead it shoots both at the same exact time then takes a break to reload??

    Even the shotgun, the SECOND worst weapon imo has an evo that doesn’t maintain that reload vulnerability time

  15. Typical men. Always tryna find that crit😅

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