The Lost Footage of -

The Lost Footage of

Corrupt X
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This is footage from 2019 and 2021 respectively that I never used, unless if I have used it already and forgot about it. Nevertheless, I will show the remainder of my old footage that I kept for whatever reason, considering will be gone soon. Rest in Peace.

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  1. Since surviv shut down ,i will never experience the fun of 50v50. Luckily zombsroyale has 50v50 and i enjoy playing it ,it brings me back a lot of surviv memories

  2. Agario on PC might be next but who knows. (Could be speculation)

  3. I don't even have to a chance to play this game.

  4. I was seriously surprised that they added a new "hell" mode/event along with what the flamethrower is, everything could be said well up to there but at the same time along with this they added what the paid skins are

  5. corrupt x do you know there is a 15x zoom 8x is not the highest because i got the 15x

  6. the game is good but I can not join the game

  7. как ты зашел у меня не заходит

  8. You actually still can play it simce kongregatr is too incompetent to shut a game down correctly…

  9. I quit 2 years ago when there were exploiters in pretty much every match, it made the game unplayable. Miss the good days of surviv

  10. I quit Surviv a good few years ago, even before its sale to Kongregate, and only played a few times after that. But, I have plenty of good memories of it and I can say that it will be missed. RIP Surviv.

  11. they already shutdown all the servers you cant join anymore no players exist its over…

  12. i will miss surviv io the memories really flood back after realizing it wont exist anymore

    Rip surviv 2017 – 2023

  13. So many memories of this game. I always looked forward to finishing school and playing this game for hours and eventually ragequitting because I sucked. Unfortuntely, everything must come to an end.

  14. Yo looks like my commend got shadow banned a second time xd

  15. I used to love this game when I didn’t have an Xbox and the stopped playing it, I tried to play it recently about 3 years later and it was stale

  16. Corrupt X, the Grenades To The Face master will not be forgotten.

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