The Molotov is THE BEST SKILL in!!! -

The Molotov is THE BEST SKILL in!!!

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I’ve been saying this for a long time, the Energy Diffuser turns the Molotov into the BEST skill to use against mobs in #Survivorio. It’s not even close! Today, we are going to go over the Energy Diffuser Tech Part and the Molotov weapon skill, and Fuel Barrel evo skill in!



  1. That’s cool I got five of these How do I use them

  2. I think the drones and the forcefield are awesome I haven’t evolved the Molotov enough yet but it does look OP

  3. Molotov now is even better, more coins and more damage…. It's a dream xD

  4. 500 views in like 1 hours also awesome video

  5. Hey what’s the best light chaser movesets for clearing chapters easily

  6. Also this game really Needs rebalncing like the server launch you need to get 25k gems to finish a mission THAT YOU NEED TO GET TO GET THE LIGHT CHASER AND YOU ONLY HAVE 1 DAY AT THIS POINT TO DO THIS SO basically it's unfair you can't get that many gems in 1 day I have 15k gems in total but it's impossible for me to get 10k gems in one day so this sux

  7. How do i make the skill icon appear on on gear item. I have my gear all at good status but the skill it affects the icon is not appearing on the gear

  8. I don’t even use the evolved version, and it’s still a beast..
    Hi power bullet for damage
    He fuel to extend range
    Exo bracer or energy cube to throw a new round before the previous one (depending on which you use to evolve other weapons)

  9. I still think that Molotov/Fuel Barrel is worse than Guardian/Defender, Soccer Ball/Quantum Ball, Lightning/Supercell, Laser/Matrix, Brick/1 Ton Iron, Durian/Caltrop, Force Field/Pressure Force Field, Drill/Arrow, and RPG/Shark Gun.The supply doesn't help you to survive better, the reload is really long compared to other spells, doesn't have great DPS compared to other skills, doesn't have good utilities compared to some skills. You basically don't need Molotov once you have eternal shoes IMO.

  10. In my own experience altough I think this skill is becoming better with that gear i personally dont need any type of circle area to clean monsters I already destroy them with the lightchaser. Im always struggling with 15 minute boss cause it wipes me before I do it so I still stick without the molotov except for chapter 4

  11. Am i the only one who STUCK at chapter 17?? The final bos is so hard to beat!

  12. i love how he just says hi and gets straight to the point

  13. The forcefield is by far the best one for the first few waves to grind xp. I found minigun combined with the attack boost level up skill to be insane on later waves

  14. Yeah, it spread like wildfire. Max it and it becomes hell for the monsters that walk in💀💀💀

  15. Can you even get the fuel barrel anymore? I've tried hard many games and I just cannot get it

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