The Most Underrated Class in Cobalt Mode (Assault Gameplay) | -

The Most Underrated Class in Cobalt Mode (Assault Gameplay) |

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Explosive Rounds + Hollow Points = Guaranteed Win???
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  1. 1. Demo (trolling)2. Tank(Annoying)3. Scout(just stupid)4.Medic(fast as fook)5.Sniper(hehye boih)6. Assault(just stop, and get some help and milk)

  2. Medic is still best though. You're so close to 1K! Keep it up! I just reached 100 the other day. Can u plz shout me out too?

  3. Person: Dies from own mine
    Joweksta: Laugh emote
    procceeds to take 30 damage from another mine

  4. damn how do you put commentes on 🤔😑😓🙁😞😤😟😫😥😕😢😩😠

  5. U know Jokesta had fun watching his own gameplay in slow-mo


  7. the spas bullets look like lazr gun bullets but thicker😅

  8. the only good thing about assault is the +mm thing. other than that its garbage

  9. 1. Tank( cuz you got admit that the protection is pretty thicc and endless ammo can be very useful but I still don't use it cuz it's annoying like you said)
    2. Medic( nothing to say here)
    3. Assault ( I play on mobile and like to use assault weapons so I like the better mag size but the damage is not really better and you get weapons like ak49 ez)
    4. Scout ( I like being smal and annoying XD)
    5. Demo ( Let's face it it's pretty useless besides for trolling)
    6. Sniper ( one in the chamber = garbage but takedown Is nice and you get the blr 81 Wich is pretty bad for a sniper)

  10. Hello, just came here because this popped up when I searched Cobalt

  11. Here's my thoughts on the classes:
    1 Demo: good early game, you spawn with a pack and a free weapon, in the hands of someone like Jokesta it can be deadly.

    2 Tank: many people dislike this since it's annoying to play against, and most noobs use it, but the infinite ammo makes for good early game and the cast iron skin always is a plus

    3 Scout: Scout is about mobility, not speed. It's not for going really fast, but staying and a continuous speed, like how you can pass through trees and river without slowing down, and carry weapons and still keep speed.

    4 Medic: FAST AS FOOK also it is like the opposite of assault, as it's fast but doesn't really have extra firepower, but most pros take that trade and use it.

    5: Sniper: you start with a scope, and because of takedown it is DEADLY in the hands of a pro. If you manage to actually get a sniper, which is pretty hard tbh, you'll have a great advantage.

    6 Assault: my favourite, it has a lot of dps, and is good mid-late game, but it doesn't have mobility or tankiness, so it's better in a team.

    OVERALL, they work good as a team. Tank as, well, a tank to soak up dmg, medic/scout for speed/ mobility, assault/demo for damage, and sniper/demo for powerful range.
    You can check out the surviv wiki for more info

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